April Fools 2002 Mar 30, 2002: "Monkey Island 5 ?" (Dalixam, on World of MI)

Our host, The International House of Mojo, has been receiving mail from an anonymous person who not only claims but insists that a 5th Monkey Island game has been under production at LucasArts for the past year. The person sent this sound file as proof. The voice clearly sounds as Dominic Armato and it is not taken from Escape from Monkey Island as Guybrush doesn't say those words anywhere in the game, but the voice may still be fake and done by someone else.

That the game has been in production for a year sounds a bit questionable though. That would mean they started just four months after the release of MI4. This is possible, but unlikely.

The International House of Mojo says they will receive more 'leaked' sound files over the coming days, so stay tuned!

The news will of course appear here as well :)

This may also be a cruel April fools joke by Mixnmojo and Dominic Armato :)