April Fools 2002 Apr 01, 2002: "April Fools Madness" (Jake, on Mojo)

So, no, Monkey Island 5 isn't real. Yet. It was all a poorly orchestrated farce from some bored webmasters and a lovable voice actor. People have asked for the history of our overly-elaborate joke (not to mention the music and any unused lines), so here it is:

First off there was the leaked "I'm Guybrush" line. Following that was a clip from what appeared to be cutscene audio re-introducing Largo. And, finally today, April 1st, some dialogue between Guybrush and the 2 puppets from EMI surfaced. Of course, it's all lies.

Considering the Monkey Island series' roots in "Pirates of the Carribean," it's only fitting that this years April Fools gag was thought up during a Mojo trip to Disneyland at last year's E3. Originally we were going to turn Mojo into a porn site for the day. Use of the winking Elaine gif was debated and, thankfully, dropped after two seconds of discussion.

Once we realized that idea was idiotic (and disgusting) we settled on forging the existance of Monkey Island 5.

After checking with the appropriate people that the plan was okay to do, we secured the help of Dominic Armato, who was eager to help (yes, it's really him). Following approval from the powers that be and Mr. Armato, we set about writing everything down. Almost all of the dialogue was written by Mojo staff writer Andrew "telarium" Langley sometime in early March.

Dom dissapeared for a month and panic ensued. Finally, on Friday March 29th, recording was completed. For the next two nights Andrew and Jimmi "Serge" Thøgersen from HighLand Productions worked on fixing up music, and editing together the cutscene and puppet bits.

The joke started getting out of hand when World Of MI posted a fake Monkey 5 box by notable fan artist Paco Vink. "Return to Monkey Island" it is! Though not everyone was fooled it was still pretty fun, and we hope you all enjoyed it!

As a bonus, here are some recorded lines we didn't use, as well as the 2 music tracks separated from the dialogue:

And, in case you missed them the first time around, here are the three "authentic" "leaked" sound clips from Monkey Island 5:

There's always the failed April Fools ideas. For instance, Jedi Outlaws: Six-Shooter Lightsaber was scheduled to make a guest appearance today but due to the excessive laziness of Mojo staff it didn't happen. However, we do happen to have the theme song for your not so listening pleasure.

Tremendous thanks to all who helped out and weren't credited (and thanks to those who knew about it and kept their mouthes shut!). And, biggest thanks of all to Tom Sarris!