April Fools 2002 Mar 30, 2002: "Monkey Island 5?" (Spaff, on Mojo)

Over the last few weeks we have been recieving mail from an anonymous person who not only claims but insists that a 5th Monkey Island game has been under production at LucasArts for the past year. Seeing as we are pretty close to LucasArts and have heard nothing of the sort, we demanded proof... and we were sent this sound file, which apparently is taken from the game.

Revealing a possible plot, the voice is undoubtedly that of Dominic Armato, who has yet to respond to our e-mails asking if he was involved with LEC at this time.

We will apparently be sent more 'leaked' sound files over the coming days, as this one we said was inconclusive since it could have been an out-take from EMI. Hopefully the other files will give us a better idea. Of course, if there is a Monkey Island 5 in production, more details will probably be given this May at E3.