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Sorry about the whoopsy earlier... some of the site was broken either because the code is finally evaporating or because we have a security breach. But we're not now completely in control of the situation so there should be no more problems.

Please, if you see anything suspicious (broken link, etc.) please let me know and I will try to fix it.

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The Wii versions of the first two Sam & Max seasons are the only ones we've yet to bless you with our take on in review form, and the recent Atari release of Season 2/Beyond Time and Space leaves us with fewer excuses to put the obligation off. Instead of just writing up a brief review of the Wii versions, however, the article ended up evolving into an unwieldy compendium of the various retail incarnations of the two seasons, with the Wii impressions being encased in there somewhere. Oh well!

Hey, just letting you guys know that if it was your intention to enter our On Stranger Tides contest, you have days left. So step to it, ye swabs.

Back when it was originally announced, Ghost Pirates seemed poised as a humble comeback for the fantasy pirate adventure game, and today it drowns helplessly in an angry ocean of Monkey Island resurgence. But now the English version of Bill Tiller's all-new swashbuckling romp is available, and we're here to tell you our opinion, which is, of course, always right. Read!

This week we talk about Monkey Island 2 Special Edition (including which version of Monkey Island 1 is the best), Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse (including the question "is Max gay?"), and Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island (Bill Tiller's new game; mild spoilers included).

You can download it here (1:08 hrs, 62mb). The jingle was by Goblin, and the musical "bed" is from Bart Klepka's Barbary Coast Booty Remix.

Incidentally, apologies for the news post below that for some reason decided to jump ahead in time by 8 years. We think someone might have accidentally brushed against some tables in the database... let's hope that's the case anyway, and that it's not the site falling apart again!

I'd just like to say that It's been a long time since Mojo was last alive and a lot has happened since then.

The downtime and looooong development time was mostly my fault, with my various massive life changes and personal issues, but I'd like to say that without a certain few people Mojo would not be alive any more. These people have supported both me and Mojo through a long struggle and finally their hard work has paid off.

Thank you, you all know who you are, but extra special mention has to go to Jake and DJG without who nothing would have been done. Ever.

So yeah, my deepest aplogies and also thanks! Enjoy Mojo, you know it loves you and always will. xx

Even though we were arguably the most appropriate web site on the entire internet to review The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition, we ended up being the only one not to do so. In preparation for the hotly anticipated LeChuck's Revenge revamp, we've rectified the situation.

Note: Apologies for all the broken and/or weird stuff you may have observed while I was getting this published - Mojo has a few miles on her. Also, for anyone who cares, the score is supposed to be 3.5 skulls - we'll get that fixed at some point, I'm sure.

It's actually somewhat shameful that it's only now that we're posting an interview with BA Sound, the guys who handle the audio for the titles of LEC as well as Telltale and the other spinoffs.

Depending on the project, their services range from a game's sound design, music composition, and voice direction, and given the particular importance those things have in a story game, and considering that the studio's resume of them is longer than a Double Fine development cycle, it's clear that they're owed a lot for what makes some of our favorite titles so awesome. And that you owe it to yourself to read the interview.

It seems that Mixnmojo has been targetted once again by vile hackers: details here.

You may remember that a few years ago some Brazillians hacked into Mojo, essentially killing the site.

A team of Mixnmojo engineers have been dispatched to the server core to try and contain the infection. We wish them the best of luck.

We urge you all NOT TO PANIC. Everything is under control here. DO NOT PANIC.

Update: The "All Clear" signal has been given from our tech experts (Zaarin). It is now safe to visit the site (but not the hosted sites which will still make your computer explode).

We have plugged all the leaks in the code with some more old code that we found in a store room. That should stop the hackers for now (probably).

What on earth, Mojo is running a new contest. We're giving away a copy of On Stranger Tides, the 1988 fantasy adventure novel by Tim Powers that you may know for being a heavy influence on Monkey Island, the source material for the upcoming fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie, or just excellent reading. To enter for your chance to win this must-have literature, do one of the following:

Option 1: Come up with an alternate design for book's cover. This could range from painstakingly handpainted artwork to a cynical Photoshop prediction of the movie's mass tie-in printing replete with badly cut 'n pasted floating heads of Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush.

Option 2: Write a new plot summary or marketing blurb, legit-sounding or facetious, to grace the novel's dustjacket and entice potential readers who'll pass by it at the bookstore on their way to the porn aisle. The length of this grabber should be at least one paragraph but somewhere south of a short story.

You have until March 31st to get us your submission, which should be sent to Entries will be judged by our unbiased staff based on creativity, entertainment factor, and bribe offers. Have fun!

(Note: The copy of the novel that constitutes the prize for this contest is the 370 page paperback release by Babbage Press. Dimensions are 9x6x1 inches. Smell is reasonably pleasant.)

It's finally here: our Escape from Monkey Island mega-look-back.

Enjoy! And don't forget to tell all your friends!

Thanks a lot to Dan Lee for the superb 3D header art. Take that, Avatar.

Sure, Hal Barwood and Noah Falstein's (Fate of Atlantis) latest adventure game, Mata Hari, may have been released a long time ago, but our review is still far more punctual than other examples that could be cited.

Anyway, Mata Hari. Was that dame a handful or what?

Like many of you, we at Mojo have been wondering about what's going on at Autumn Moon Entertainment, who have been rather quiet recently despite putting out their second game, Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island, in Germany this past fall, with the English release coming in only a month.

So we asked.

Join us in an epic interview with CEO Bill Tiller as we discuss Ghost Pirates, A Vampyre Story, and the studio in general. You'll also find the first word on A Bat's Tale's status since the game was announced at the beginning of last year before seemingly falling off the map. Read the interview for a ship's hold worth of quality tidbits, production tales, and almost inevitable musings on the adventure game market.

Thanks are owed, of course, to the always gracious Bill Tiller and the rest of the Autumn Moon team.

Update: Because you can never get enough Ghost Pirates coverage, a brief new preview for the game has been posted by MCV, claiming a February 19th release date for the English release, although Mamba's site itself still purports March 26th. The preview also states that "Ghost Pirates will be marketed with ads and competitions in key gaming magazines and specialist adventure games websites." Evidently, they're on to something there.

In this week's Mojo podcast, we talk about our rivals at Lucas Cast, interview George Lucas, and Gabez takes a bath.

Download "Episode Two, The Fax Climax" here (25 minutes). It was produced and edited by Zaarin.

This is part two of a series separate from the main Mixnmojo podcast, in which Eltee, Zaarin, and I experiment with the podcast format. You can download "Episode One, Who Killed Ron Gilbert?" here (30 minutes), if you missed it first time round.


You can also subscribe to our cast on our RSS, or by searching for "Mixnmojo" on the iTunes store, and then clicking "subscribe."

Okay, the Escape from Monkey Island Secret History article has fallen way behind. But all that means is that you've had all kinds of extra time to submit a reader opinion on the game. Yet you still haven't! So, really, it's you that dropped the ball here.

But we're giving you one last chance. The EMI article is in its final few years of production, which means that we need all second opinions received by the end of this week in order to lock them into the article before we hand it off to ImageMovers to commence all that CGI work. So send them in, ye swabs!

Also, as my way of saying thank you for not keelhauling me over the article's slight postponement, enjoy this trailer Jake probably put together back in The Day:


Just before Christmas, Eltee and I had a go at a one-off podcast with a different format.

After listening to the result, we both decided to delete the files and never speak of it again. Except then Zaarin weaved his editing magic on it, and it seemed a little more presentable, and rather apposite at this time as well, since it is a podcast that deals with 2009 and the noughties.

I sound like I'm jumping about a lot, probably because I was jumping about a lot, inside a decompression chamber on the moon. Eltee, meanwhile, talks back to me from a cupboard in Cambridge.

Click here to listen to the Experimental Podcast.

We wish you a happy new year.

Update: We have posted a wee overview of the decade.

The last MojoCast of the year is finally available. The entirety of Tales of Monkey Island is discussed as jp-30 and elTee join the cast for the first time. It also serves as the first MojoCast to use g0blin's excellent jingle.

Have a listen!


Congratulations to Goblin, who has won a free copy of A Vampyre Story, Bill Tiller's classic tale of gothic adventure, for his entry in our contest to create a jingle for our podcast.

You can hear goblin's winning entry here. It is a very catchy piece that sounds like it was created by real voodoo witch doctors. Nice work!

The lyrics are "zab-zab-zibbadaba-dubadaba-dubadaday-..Mixnmojo all up in thiiiiis....Be keepin' it real, yea you know it -The international House of mojo - You best be listening to our shooow! mixnmojo-mixnmojo-mixnmojo-mixnmojo-mixnmojo-mixnmojooo..."

We also have two runners-up, whose excellent jingles will also be used repeatedly in future podcasts.

BillieJoe86 did a lovely song with some musical quotes from the LucasArts games. The lyrics, for those who want to sing along, are:

"Grab some Grog XD and Gold Liquour
And that mug you bought from Lucasarts
Just sit back and relax
It's International Mojo Time!

It's taste and jazz and mix from fans
From a hundred thousand lands
And it's dark and gloomy! (Adventurous!) (In 2D!)
It's Mix and Mojo!
(mix, mix and mojo)

Mix and mojo, mix, mix and mojo!
Mix and mojo, mix, mix and mojo!
Mix and mojo, the Mix, Mix and Mojo Podcast...! about to start!"

Lastly comes an impressively mixed medley of LucasArts themes by the talented Edward van Helgen from our forums. Listen to it here, and see if you can count all the themes that are blended so seamlessly together.

Thanks again to everyone who entered. We were all very impressed by the high level of quality in the entries we received.

Mixnmojo has decked its halls with boughs of holly. The header image is partly made from an old Mixnmojo e-card, designed by Jake Rodkin, with stolen art from Bill Tiller and Steve Purcell, and a specially created santa hat by Dan Lee. The Christmasified logo was made by Goblin for us in 2007.

In other news, our jingles competition will end tonight at midnight London time. The entries will then be judged the board of examiners, and a result will be announced tomorrow.

Thanks very much for everyone who entered, and those who are still working until the last minute on their pieces of music!