Mojo Contest: Win On Stranger Tides 27 Feb, 2010, 01:50 / 8 comments

What on earth, Mojo is running a new contest. We're giving away a copy of On Stranger Tides, the 1988 fantasy adventure novel by Tim Powers that you may know for being a heavy influence on Monkey Island, the source material for the upcoming fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie, or just excellent reading. To enter for your chance to win this must-have literature, do one of the following:

Option 1: Come up with an alternate design for book's cover. This could range from painstakingly handpainted artwork to a cynical Photoshop prediction of the movie's mass tie-in printing replete with badly cut 'n pasted floating heads of Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush.

Option 2: Write a new plot summary or marketing blurb, legit-sounding or facetious, to grace the novel's dustjacket and entice potential readers who'll pass by it at the bookstore on their way to the porn aisle. The length of this grabber should be at least one paragraph but somewhere south of a short story.

You have until March 31st to get us your submission, which should be sent to Entries will be judged by our unbiased staff based on creativity, entertainment factor, and bribe offers. Have fun!

(Note: The copy of the novel that constitutes the prize for this contest is the 370 page paperback release by Babbage Press. Dimensions are 9x6x1 inches. Smell is reasonably pleasant.)


  • TestType on 25 Mar, 2010, 18:58…
    The current cover for the book is absolutely atrocious. Why didn't they just stick to the nice illustration and font they had on the original cover? That one looks great.
  • Sp0tted on 27 Feb, 2010, 17:04…
    I did not enjoy the Tim Powers book... I think I expected it to be a lot more than it was due to all of the hype from this, and other, websites. It wasn't really bad or anything, I just think the writing style was not for me.
  • Huz on 27 Feb, 2010, 10:32…
    I'm not surprised you're after a better cover than the Babbage Press edition. It's pretty horrible - and it looks like a bad JPEG!

    You're gonna get lots of lovely stuff I'm sure!
  • Bombadil on 27 Feb, 2010, 09:39…
  • Kroms on 27 Feb, 2010, 09:55…
    Haha, beat you to it by a second :D Thanks anyways!
  • Bombadil on 27 Feb, 2010, 10:30…
  • Admonisher on 27 Feb, 2010, 05:07…
    For lots of cover inspiration, visit Tim Powers' website -- he's got pics of just about every edition of the novel to date, including many foreign covers with unique artwork:

    I have a beautiful copy of the 2008 Subterranean Press trade hardcover, and I'm quite pleased with it!
  • Icebox on 27 Feb, 2010, 02:49…
    On it like a bulb on a dinosaur.