Happy New Year Podcast 01 Jan, 2010, 16:47 / 9 comments

Just before Christmas, Eltee and I had a go at a one-off podcast with a different format.

After listening to the result, we both decided to delete the files and never speak of it again. Except then Zaarin weaved his editing magic on it, and it seemed a little more presentable, and rather apposite at this time as well, since it is a podcast that deals with 2009 and the noughties.

I sound like I'm jumping about a lot, probably because I was jumping about a lot, inside a decompression chamber on the moon. Eltee, meanwhile, talks back to me from a cupboard in Cambridge.

Click here to listen to the Experimental Podcast.

We wish you a happy new year.

Update: We have posted a wee overview of the decade.


  • Narrative on 11 Jan, 2010, 19:01…
    Finally got round to listening to it.
    Funniest podcast so far!
  • Narrative on 02 Jan, 2010, 13:17…
    See you in another 10 years.
  • valkian on 05 Jan, 2010, 16:56…
    Oh my god, you are alive. Sort of.
  • Narrative on 06 Jan, 2010, 18:20…
    News of my demise is greatly exaggerated :)
  • Kralex on 02 Jan, 2010, 03:05…
    That podcast filled me with so much joy. I don't know if I want another one in the same vein, or, if I want it to remain an untarnished thing of beauty. (please sir, can I have another?)
  • Kroms on 01 Jan, 2010, 15:36…
    Nice writeup. Though you forgot about Brutal Legend, Strong Bad, Wallace and Gromit, Activision, Ronzo announcing Deathspank, Microsoft dropping Psychonauts two weeks after Freelance Police is canceled, and Mojo almost dying in 2004. But really, good write-up :)
  • The Tingler on 02 Jan, 2010, 04:54…
    And all the various Indiana Jones shenanigans.
  • Gabez on 01 Jan, 2010, 18:06…
    Yeah thanks.
  • Remi O on 31 Dec, 2009, 19:16…
    Oh fuck both of you!

    Other than that, this is Mojo's best podcast so far.