Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island - our review 19 Mar, 2010, 00:07 / 7 comments

Back when it was originally announced, Ghost Pirates seemed poised as a humble comeback for the fantasy pirate adventure game, and today it drowns helplessly in an angry ocean of Monkey Island resurgence. But now the English version of Bill Tiller's all-new swashbuckling romp is available, and we're here to tell you our opinion, which is, of course, always right. Read!


  • QueZTone on 19 Mar, 2010, 09:00…
    by the way did you guys see Disney's The Princess and the frog? This main villain, The Shadow Man, has uncanny similarities to Vooju's guy.

    Same hat, necklace, white paint on his face, etc.

    Was Disney influenced by this game? Or perhaps it simply originated from the same commonalities of the background of such a character?
  • Melancholick on 20 Mar, 2010, 02:48…
    They're both more or less a variant on the iconography of Baron Samedi:

    A'la the "Spirit of Jazz" from the Mighty Boosh. Sort of a personalized spin on classic folklore.
  • Udvarnoky on 19 Mar, 2010, 18:08…
    I can guarantee that the image of a lanky voodoo witch doctor with a staff, top hat, and white face paint was not invented by either work.

    The Princess and the Frog was a great movie, by the way.
  • Kroms on 19 Mar, 2010, 09:17…
    I'd say the latter. I'm not an expert, but look at a movie like "Rapunzel Unbraided": that's had concept art coming out since 2005, and the movie isn't finished yet. It's possible the two character designers just happened to fall inspiration from the same source. :)
  • Kroms on 19 Mar, 2010, 08:24…
    Great review, Jason. It seems Autumn Moon really poured their heart(s) into this.

    I just wish they'd get a good writer, though. Not any writer: it's important that this person understand both traditional writing and game design.

    I also hope they figure out how to balance art with writing and technical polish.

    Everything considered, I'll be buying this game, and I hope that AME get better and better and just make the awesome adventure games they have the potential to make.
  • koosjebig on 19 Mar, 2010, 01:14…
    are there any retailers where we can download this nice game legally?
  • Udvarnoky on 19 Mar, 2010, 01:18…
    A digital version is not yet available, but the Mamba site would suggest this will happen eventually. No date has been given, however.