Thimbleweed Park, the adventure game by Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, with art by Winnick and Mark Ferrari, is coming soon to a computer or console near you.

It has just been finalized, and has been sent to Microsoft for Xbox certification. In light of this, a release date has been set. It's releasing just a month from now, on the 30th of March!

You can check out more on the game's Steam page.

If you backed it on Kickstarter, then be sure to update your information through PledgeMaster, so you can get your rewards.


Telltale’s loss is Ubisoft’s gain, as they poach no less than four high-profile names from the X will remember that-company.

Making a run for it is Pierre Shorette (Tales from the Borderlands), Nick Herman (Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse), Dennis Lenart (The Wolf Among Us and Back to the Future, but we won’t hold that against him), and Adam Sarasohn (I’m not entirely sure who he is). The foursome will apparently be expanding Ubisoft’s “narrative creative pool”, which is good for them, but probably not so good for Telltale.

This also means I now likely do not recognize more than one or two names on Telltale’s roster, but I suppose that’s neither here nor there.

Source: IGN


Remember the aughties, when there were more Monkey Island sites than you could shake a stick at? What a glorious time it was, what with the competitive feces throwing going on between all of them. Us. You know what I mean—we were clearly all very mature. ¬

Now, you might have noticed that the second-rate, SCUMM Bar-wannabe website our good friends, World of Monkey Island, has been offline for a while. Many asked us about it, but that was out of our hands, as the site actually was hosted by LFN, not Mojo. Hey, we even tried to save them. That went nowhere fast. But I digress!

Fast forward to present time, and World of Monkey Island has returned online. Granted, it clearly was restored from an older backup, but it’s out there, and it’s working, which is good for… Well, clearly for somebody!

If the old Mojo Network keeps un-dying like this, we'll have Chariset’s The Definitive Monkey Island Site up by the end of the week.


Our favorite Mr. Pibb fan, and somewhere in the top ten of favorite Mojo updaters over the last ten years is back! That’s right, Jason’s very own indie movie (not published by Mojo) has a trailer…

Not surprisingly, I’m a Dr. Pepper man myself, but good for Jason (and American Dad) for fighting the good fight!


Because, really, the Double Fine email was a pretty long read, so let’s give you a few highlights:

First, Psychonauts 2 will be published by Starbreeze, which I didn’t even know was a publisher. They did develop the rather excellent Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, so hey, how bad can it be?

There are a couple of videos: A throwaway prototype (as we call it in the biz) for what will be a new hub has been released on YouTube

And who doesn’t want to see our founder and patron saint, James "Spaff" Spafford, on the way to presumably be offed in the woods, while buddying it up with Schafer, talking games?

Topic of conversation: Does Spaff look exactly like he did fifteen odd years ago? (I mean, a few lbs aside.)

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