Thimbleweed Park Gets A Release Date 28 Feb, 2017 / 5 comments

Thimbleweed Park, the adventure game by Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, with art by Winnick and Mark Ferrari, is coming soon to a computer or console near you.

It has just been finalized, and has been sent to Microsoft for Xbox certification. In light of this, a release date has been set. It's releasing just a month from now, on the 30th of March!

You can check out more on the game's Steam page.

If you backed it on Kickstarter, then be sure to update your information through PledgeMaster, so you can get your rewards.


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    ThunderPeel2001 on 03 Mar, 2017, 22:28…
    I asked him if Guybrush's frustration at having to go on another adventure was a reflection of the dev team's state of mind (being forced to work on a sequel), but actually he said that he started MI2 before even getting approval from the powers above. He said LucasArts changed a lot after that (not because of, though).
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    Deepthought2k on 02 Mar, 2017, 19:46…
    Spoke to Ron in London, asked if Thimbleweed Park was a success would he consider making more? His response: He'd love to, and he has a tonne of ideas for new games. Could be in for a new golden age...
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    ThunderPeel2001 on 02 Mar, 2017, 14:20…
    I got to meet Ronzo himself when he came to London. It was a great event. I'm more excited to play TP than ever!
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    AlfredJ on 28 Feb, 2017, 18:15…
    Looking forward to this. If this turns out to be good, I wouldn't be opposed to Ron Gilbert making this more of a regular thing.
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    Remi on 28 Feb, 2017, 00:52…
    Hah, posted at the same time. :~

    I would hope and assume the additional platforms mentioned would be Amiga, Atari ST, and Commodore 64. If you're gonna go retro, go retro!

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