The fossilized LucasArts Fan Network was Mojo’s home and hearth for many a mutually productive year, but awhile back the grown-ups in charge decided we needed to break away from our notoriously unstable guardian for greener, Patreon-financed pastures in keeping with Zaarin’s newly inaugurated article of faith: If Mojo’s is going to go down, it will be by its own doing.

To this day the LFN domain can be seen to flicker off and on, and right now we’re in one of those “on” times, presumably because somebody’s credit card got auto-charged. While many of the sites LFN hosted were long dead anyway, a number of beloved destinations are temporarily available again due to the oversight, and it might be worth revisiting sites like while you can.

And just so you know, LFN: It wasn’t you; it was us. :~

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Remember the aughties, when there were more Monkey Island sites than you could shake a stick at? What a glorious time it was, what with the competitive feces throwing going on between all of them. Us. You know what I mean—we were clearly all very mature. ¬

Now, you might have noticed that the second-rate, SCUMM Bar-wannabe website our good friends, World of Monkey Island, has been offline for a while. Many asked us about it, but that was out of our hands, as the site actually was hosted by LFN, not Mojo. Hey, we even tried to save them. That went nowhere fast. But I digress!

Fast forward to present time, and World of Monkey Island has returned online. Granted, it clearly was restored from an older backup, but it’s out there, and it’s working, which is good for… Well, clearly for somebody!

If the old Mojo Network keeps un-dying like this, we'll have Chariset’s The Definitive Monkey Island Site up by the end of the week.


Well I've got one for ya: The SCUMM Bar has been updated. What a world we live in.

Following a quiet and thankful revert to their old design back in February, they have now made some sizable content updates. This mainly includes a much more corpulent Tales section, a more comprehensive collection of known info about the cancelled animated film, and a revamped MP3 section that now covers Tales.

I don't mind telling you, I needed those MP3s. Go visit The SCUMM Bar! Your children may be the age you are now before its next update, after all.


Whenever a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie comes out, it's customary for the community to share what they see as blatant plagiarism of the Monkey Island games on the part of the writers. While such observations almost assuredly amount to coincidence, there's no doubt that even the most casual Monkey Island fans can point to some downright uncanny "reminders" of favorite moments from Guybrush's exploits in this mega-grossing Disney franchise.

Well, last weekend's On Stranger Tides was surely no exception, and I've given everyone a head start on the ongoing compilation of Totally Not Ridiculous MI Connections in this forum thread. Come play along, and of course, spoilers ahoy!


Thought you had a summer vacation? Think again. There will be no time to catch rays or ride waves while you're redesigning The Pumpkin Post as part of the site's new contest. Submit a Wordpress theme to the webmaster Haggis by August 31st, and here's what you can win:

The prizes are not yet set in stone, but the overall winner will win a grand prize that will include at least one of the following: an original piece of art from A Vampyre Story, an original piece of art from The Curse of Monkey Island, and an A Vampyre Story art book (in colour), signed by Bill Tiller.

I’m trying to make the grand prize as awesome as possible, so there may be more stuff. I’ll also try to arrange some cool things for the runners-up. An announcement on the exact prizes will follow later, but rest assured that you will win something awesome if you win.

The full details can be found here.

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