25 Years of Mojo: Staff Picks queztone's Picks

Freshly released from prison where his involvement in the MojoX debacle rightly put him, queztone emerges from the margins to deposit his contribution.

1. April Fools 2002

I can’t even remember if I was fooled by this one. These were the high tides of internet fools you see. Fooled or not, it was and still is the second best April’s Fools ever attempted in Mojo history.

2. Playstation 2 Banner Contest (2001)

At some point or another I recall there was a design contest for Monkey Island. DanSky won it with a great bird seagull’s eye view painting of Monkey Island, which out-classed every entry by several miles. It was actually the first recorded crowd-source campaign in history of the internet.

3. Trip to Double Fine (2001)

Living in a small country in Europe so far away from where adventure seemed to be around every corner, it was a boy’s dream to one day visit a place like the Skywalker Ranch. And these Mojo kids somehow strongfooted their way into that castle of adventure. Fortunately, they let us enjoy along with them through write-ups and digital cam photos. While Skywalker Ranch was an impressive feat, the trip to Double Fine’s new studio was so much more exciting. Ever since seeing photos of that box packed full of Voll Gas copies, I’ve been dreaming to come across something like that on teh eBays.

4. Cooking with Spaff #2 (2003)

While many may fondly remember this fresh category in the Mojo catalogue, not many have actually tried out the recipes. Me neither. And yet one cannot disagree that the second stab at Cooking with Spaff was the superior one. Not only did we get a better recipe, we were taken along for grocery shopping as well. Sure we all applaud Spaff’s taste in spices but the real magic was in his choice of attire. Go read back on Cooking with Spaff #2 today.

5. Super Bombad Racing (2000)

The height of Mojo's expanding treachery coverage was when Super bombad was reviewed. Star Wars was taking the upper hand on much more desired original IP and yet Super Bombad looked like a real fun take on video game karting. I never had a console back in the day and I have never played Bombad. But when I think of great old Mojo reviews, I think of Bombad’s feature image.