25 Years of Mojo: Staff Picks elTee's Picks

The staffer who is responsible for "way too much profanity" (frankly, the least of the problems he's caused around here) picks some favorites, in no particular order.

1. “LucasArts’ Secret History” series (2008-2010)

This is a bit of an obvious pick, but it's obvious because it's the best series of articles we've published. It's also a good opportunity to remind anyone reading this in 2023 that, when we wrote these, LucasArts was still publishing games and they seemed to be doing everything in their power to make people forget that they used to make adventure games. How the turntables.

2. Mojo chats up the team of Return to Monkey Island (2022)

Yeah okay, it's a bit weird picking one of my own features, but bite me. I got to have a cool web chat with Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman, alright? It was great fun and people seemed to like the interview, so it doesn't really get any better than that.

3. The Unabridged History of Sam & Max 2: A Mixnmojo Memoir (2020)

More stellar work from Jason in the same vein as his tour de force with the Secret Histories. While a dauntingly long read, this is Mojo at its best.

4. Monkey Island in Mono (2022)

This isn't another one of mine, I swear - it was written by Benny. I have a personal connection to the story of course - a throwaway comment by Dave Grossman on twitter in 2014 sent me down a monochrome rabbithole, and this article was the closest I ever got to some resolution.

5. What the Hell is Wrong with LucasArts? (2004)

I remember this almost twenty year article like it was yesterday. I remember the disbelief on IRC. I remember slash dot taking the site down. And I remember being proud of the community for standing up against LucasArts on this one. No joke, the "LucasArts Hate" memefest may have kept the community going. Seriously. It was an outlet for pent up frustrations that had been building to a head for a while.