25 Years of Mojo: Staff Picks Remi's Picks

The webmaster of The SCUMM Bar takes some time out from not working on MojoHex™ mojOS™ to share ten selections. From oldest to newest, more or less…

1. Cooking with Spaff (2002)

This recipe has been my go-to pasta dish for more than twenty years. Seriously. Or, as it is, a modified version of it has—like any good recipe, it lends itself to customization and personalization. Maybe we should have doubled down on food blogging.

2. Gold Guy Exposed (2003)

I’m sorry, but this…


… would have been a better logo.

3. What the Hell is Wrong with LucasArts? (2003)

In the light of day, its tone might have been a bit… passionate… but there’s no denying this was the Rubicon that changed both LucasArts and Mojo into whatever the hell either of us is these days.

4. Mojo: 10 Years and Counting (2007)

I’m including this more to say I was frankenquoted and none of my supposed statements would stand up in the court of law.

5. “LucasArts’ Secret History” series (2008-2010)

Had I actually finished the aforementioned mojOS™, I could have linked to the whole group. Eh, you know where to find them. You love them. The day Mojo finally disappears, and our archives can't be pilfered, larger gaming websites won't be able to write LEC retrospectives anymore.

6. Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge Reviewed (2010)

It’s not so much the article—which I haven’t read since it was published, but I’m sure it’s great—as the fact that Mojo finally got quoted on a box. Odds of it happening again seem slim as today's collector boxes aren’t sullied with pull quotes.

7. Excerpts from the Slack: Psychonauts 2 Trailer Reactions (2018)

Honestly, I just like the ingenuity of calling a copied-and-pasted chat transcript an article. We also should’ve covered Psychonauts 2 better—it’s a great game.

8. Jason Frames His Maniac Mansion Poster: A Gripping Account (2020)

Who writes an article about framing anything? Jason, of course. In a sense, this is the most Mojo of Mojo articles, featuring a topic only the most perverse of an LEC fan would bother reading.

9. Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman talk Return to Monkey Island (2022)

I maintain this is the best Return to Monkey Island-related interview, at least pre-release. Read it if you need a reminder of why, then peruse Marius’s chat with Rex Crowle while you’re at it.

10. The Many Epilogues of Return to Monkey Island (2022)

Much like the captivating framing saga, this is as Mojo-y as it gets. Who the hell spends hours going through each and every ending just to post an article about it? Only the severely mentally ill.