Make Us a Banner Contest The Winners

Well then! We recieved over 200 banner submissions and we enjoyed looking at all of them. We also failed to come up with a secure way of letting the readers choose a second winner, therefore both winners have been chosen by Mixnmojo Staff. The Winners were chosen and rated on humour, idea and graphical skill. Before we get to the 2 winners, who will both recieve an EMI PS2 press release pack, let me share with you just a small selction from our favourite banners, some might call these the 'runners up'. If we can think of any Runner up prizes then these people will be rewarded (among others). Also a special mention should go to jetxl, queztone and stu the monkey for entering over 30%+ of the banners between themselves alone.



Isaac Klinger



Trapezoid - wierd use of "666" tho :)]

You can see all of the banners here


These are the winners of the 2001 Mixnmojo Banner contest:

  1. Souleater, for his hilarious "who wants to be a millionaire" banner, even tho it used the lame american host instead of Chris Tarrant (spelling? oh who cares)
  1. Dansky for his brilliant use of Lucas Related logos. All 3 of his entires being amazing. My personal favourite of the 3 being the top one - which uses a 3d render of monkey island.. wooo

Well done to the winners, you should shortly recieve an email from me which you shold reply to with your mailing address etc. Thanks to everyone who entered, you all really made me laugh so much, which lets face it was the entire point of the contest in the first place!!


If anyone has bothered to scroll this far down, then you get to see all the banners made by the folk who work on this page (sometimes). Arent you a lucky boy then? (or girl or possibly even giant robot monkey)

Now as you can see, none of us stood any chance what-so-ever of winning, Besides me of course (Spaff) my banners were the best, but I already have an emi press pack so i decided to be nice.

Tabias - now Tab's banner is probably the best of the lot (after mine which are blindingly good) she used our press monkey that we have not quite got round to using yet.. sorry

DJG - Such a good artist and such a good slogan.. i love you DJG

Spaff - need i say more? these are better than you so there.

Jake - come on jake... thats not very funny now is it? its out right rude if you ask me

Huz - we think he works on mojo? - i forgot this, and this one could also have been a winnnnnaaaaarrrrrrrrr.

Sarah - DJG is Brak :) - nice use of lettering stolen from everything ever

Emma - Em installed paint shop pro, having never used it before with the sole intent of making banners for mojo., Now thats the kind of commitment i like to see

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