That should make the inclusion of some in Ron Gilbert's latest blog entry a pleasing notion for you, then.
Been hankering for something - anything - related to Ron Gilbert's upcoming DeathSpank? Well, that's exactly what you get today. On his blog, Ron has released DeathSpank desktop wallpaper in a variety of resolutions, including a drug-free 320x200 EGA version for ATMachine. The game's as good as shipped!

Yes, it seems like the second episode of the series which Ron Gilbert consulted on and which has such a long, shitty title that I can't be bothered to find out what it is, has been released.

So, err, here.

If you were attending PAX, you would see three brief DeathSpank teasers on a huge screen in a big room. Since you weren't, you will be watching them off of Ron's blog.

Ron's latest masterpiece will be released sometime in 2009.
This year's Penny Arcade Expo (or PAX) will unsurprisingly be attended by our conditional friends Telltale Games, who will be showing off their latest and upcoming episodic creations. If you plan or hope to attend, check out the full expo schedule to see what time the Telltale-hosted panels will take place (such as a rendition of last year's "Make Your Own Scene" panel, this time Strong Bad themed). You can also pay a visit the the Telltale blog to observe the web crew building the company's excellent booth for the event, if you are so inclined.

Those aren't the only Mojo Guests showing up at PAX. It is apparent that one Ron Gilbert will be there, though he is quick to note that no form of DeathSpank will be shown off only in the form of teasers. Still, if you want to get that copy protection code wheel signed or something, here's your latest chance.

If you should happen to be like most people and are unavailable to physically attend the expo this weekend, fret not. The always worthwhile Telltale Blog will likely be brimming with coverage of what went down.
You'd think they actually listened, but NO; they dragged me out of the dumpster ANYWAY! "You have to make something up, Kroms. We're real journalists now!" And I must oblige, for they are the Man (the man is called Gabez by the way).

Anyways: there's this upcoming event called PAX, which is a convergence of the Geeks of the World on Seattle; this happens on August 29th, just in time for school to start. And guess who's gonna be there? Deathspank! In the form of merchandise, too.

Christmas has finally come early.
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While we're waiting for the full info on Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures, why not have a read of the Comic-Con Q&A on episodic content featuring both Telltale and Hothead. Sadly Ron Gilbert didn't make an appearance on the Hothead side, but the developers still talked about DeathSpank.

And then they all got into a big argument over the correct amount of time within which to release episodes in. Have a read.

I have no idea if this has been posted before, but a good thing can't be posted often enough!

The Kloonigames guy ran around GDC earlier this year and got several game designers to draw their games. A certain Gilbert von Ron is among the participants here.

Thanks to blueskirt for pointing this out!

As noted on Grumpy Gamer, you can read an epic, seven page interview with Ron conducted by Chris Remo at Gamasutra. This is hardly Remo's first rodeo, and so the resultant excellence of this interview can hardly be surprising.

In any event, Ron shares many things about his Grumpiness, his thoughts on the industry, and of course DeathSpank, so do read the whole interview.
I think we can all agree that America isn't exactly living its happiest days. Political blunder after another, mistake preceding mistake, crime on the rise and a race for the White House involving some really old men - we are truly, deeply effed.

Or, as I should say: we were. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Guybrush Threepwood, Mighty President.
So Penny Arcade Adventures has broken the record for highest-grossing debut on Live Arcade. This is scientific proof that I now deserve to get a promotion for making this possible (I'm the hobo with the beard, just outside your office, in case you've been wondering). You SEE, Tingler? If I hadn't promoted the game so often on Mojo, it wouldn't have sold as much. Schya.

(I'll stop now.)

(Remember: with the beard.)
OK, so you want to know if this game is for you or not. Here's a quick summary of opinions (skip them for some other interesting information):

- Gamespot, 7.5: "Penny Arcade Adventures is slick with rain, humor, and all sorts of awesome, but it's for fans of the comic's brand of humor only."

- IGN, 7.8: "It's a smart, fun game that would have been truly great with a wider range of enemies and environments and a touch more depth to the gameplay."

- Destructoid, 9.0: "Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode One is a hilarious, immersive, and goddamned fun gameplay package."<:MORENEWS:>

- Wired, 7.0: "Penny Arcade Adventures lives up as well as any game could to an overabundance of hype. That is to say, while it does try to bite off a great deal more than it can chew -- and suffers for it -- the game is a solid, clever, hilarious piece of entertainment that will more than please its audience."

- GamesRadar, 8.0: "Of course, the real star of PAA isn’t the gameplay, but the humor. It’s a lot like playing a comic strip, and should be approached as such. Read a few of the strips online before plunking down your $20 - if you like what you see there, the game is worth the price of admission."

- Edge, 4.0: "With the episodic development cycle all but demanding that structure and form be locked down in the first instalment, with content added thereafter, the series' future looks precarious at best." [June 2008, page 90]

I'll ignore the fact that Edge completely missed the point of episodic, I guess.

If you have an Xbox360 and a PC and can't decide which game you want, the only major difference is that the PC version is a point-n-click while the Xbox one is a traditional hold-the-button-to-move. Wired also points out that the artwork looks better on a computer monitor than on a TV screen.

I should also note that this appears to be the first of at least four episodes, which might (or might not) continue. I'm not sure, because it's never entirely stated, but Tycho Brahe/Jerry Holkins's tone in his interview with Joystiq gives off that impression, and his opinion on game development, which games influenced Rain-Slick and about his mad musikal skillz. Gabe and Tycho have also written-up their general impressions on the launch.

And thus ends the longest post on Mixnmojo to be ever conceived. Someone call Guinness. I'm gonna be rich.
The first episode of Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness has been officially released for Xbox360 and PC, to really, really polarised reviews. This is a very, very you-love-it-or-hate-it game, but I think Wired's review sums-up public opinion quite nicely.

I should note that it'll be pretty hard for you to download the game right now (lots of traffic and Greenhouse isn't handling it all - hey, this is their first time). Wait a little then try to download it from the Greenhouse website.

UPDATE by Tingler: As Kroms said, the Greenhouse servers are really struggling at the moment. Here's an alternate place for the download. You still have to buy the game from the main site, though.

Update by Jason: Over at Grumpy Gamer you can read Ron's thoughts on the launch, and one blog entry down you can read about how Steve Spielberg likes Monkey Island!
Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darknes will be released next Wednesday, May 21st, on Xbox Live Arcade, six days after what is, in fact, my birthday. Coincidence? I think not. (And if it were released on my birthday, we would have also gotten the PC and Mac versions. For free. Heck, they'd pay us to play them. I really am just that awesome.)

Update: And it costs 1600 Microsoft Points.

Extreme update: It will be released on Mac and PC on the same day too: 09:00 UTC (1:00 am Pacific Time, 4:00 am Eastern Time), May 21st. Thanks to Maratanos for also pointing-out that Kotaku says the same thing.

Update the Third: Here's a new trailer and five new screenshots. It looks pretty cool, so roll on Wednesday!

Update, Henry the Fourth: Aw look, they even did a prequel comic about it. Three pages to follow, lads.

Update Five Rhymes With Hive: Here's a direct link to a hi-defintion version of the trailer.
Go grab the Penny Arcade Adventures wallpapers from the nice folks over at GamersHell. Have you been falling asleep because your desktop is so boring? Now you have no excuse.
As Penny Arcade's Gabe is reporting, the first Penny Arcade reviews are cropping-up and they're really polarised. Apparently one reviewer gave the game a 4/10 in Edge and 68% in some other magazine, but OXM gave the game a great 85%. Also, according to Gabe the game should be out later sometime this month.

Does this mean games are changing, or does it mean that this game is a love-or-hate thing? Or did Gabe and Tycho accurately predict the future? Let's buy the game and find-out later this summer.
According to, Penny Arcade Adventures, episode one, has gone gold, also known as EA's favourite colour and the reason why summer will rock.

Update: It's official!

Update 2: New trailers! Including Annarchy!
Hothead Games are busy working on Penny Arcade Adventures, busy whipping-up the awesomness that is DeathSpank. Hothead are busy creating Swarm, too, and are lumping layers upon layers of awesome on their games. Hothead are also busy painting. Fun to watch if you have nothing else to do. And there's a Canadian goose as well. Bless you, Canadian goose.
ARS have an interview with Mike Krahulik and Vlad Ceraldi on the upcoming game, Penny Arcade Adventures. Considering this is the umpteenth person to interview the lot at Penny Arcade, it's no surprise I'm out of jokes. I've used them all. Got nothing. Zero. Null. Love. Whatever they call it these days. Stop reading, you're not going to die laughing this time. Seriously, I'm serious. Head over to ARS and read that out loud as you say it.
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Hothead Games's website has been re-designed to become that much more user-friendly and better to look at it, like ice cream on top of a rich, chocolate brownie. It also might or might not include a picture of Ronzo in a cheerleader costume. And you might ask: "Does it? Does it really?" The answer: found by clicking. There's a forum now too.
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