I swear I said "extended vacation" 18 Aug, 2008, 21:15 / 4 comments

You'd think they actually listened, but NO; they dragged me out of the dumpster ANYWAY! "You have to make something up, Kroms. We're real journalists now!" And I must oblige, for they are the Man (the man is called Gabez by the way).

Anyways: there's this upcoming event called PAX, which is a convergence of the Geeks of the World on Seattle; this happens on August 29th, just in time for school to start. And guess who's gonna be there? Deathspank! In the form of merchandise, too.

Christmas has finally come early.
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  • Gabez on 19 Aug, 2008, 11:17…
  • Zaarin on 18 Aug, 2008, 21:55…
    Hey, where's that Hothead site? :)
  • Kroms on 22 Aug, 2008, 21:08…
    My time = unbelievably limited.
  • Kroms on 18 Aug, 2008, 21:22…
    I'd sue but you guys never bothered with my salary, and I can't afford a lawyer until you do.