Hyperkinetic rabbity-thing PAX heat for upcoming game expo 28 Aug, 2008, 03:12 / 0 comments

This year's Penny Arcade Expo (or PAX) will unsurprisingly be attended by our conditional friends Telltale Games, who will be showing off their latest and upcoming episodic creations. If you plan or hope to attend, check out the full expo schedule to see what time the Telltale-hosted panels will take place (such as a rendition of last year's "Make Your Own Scene" panel, this time Strong Bad themed). You can also pay a visit the the Telltale blog to observe the web crew building the company's excellent booth for the event, if you are so inclined.

Those aren't the only Mojo Guests showing up at PAX. It is apparent that one Ron Gilbert will be there, though he is quick to note that no form of DeathSpank will be shown off only in the form of teasers. Still, if you want to get that copy protection code wheel signed or something, here's your latest chance.

If you should happen to be like most people and are unavailable to physically attend the expo this weekend, fret not. The always worthwhile Telltale Blog will likely be brimming with coverage of what went down.