Part five of the hilarious Monkey Island radio play is now online at Nightlight Productions! This week, LeChuck plans and schemes with Number Two, and Karl and G.T. work out who is behind the latest menace.

Listen to the latest part, or catch up on earlier episodes. Arg!
We're having another one of our famous Mixnmojo-meet-ups!

Where: The Northernmost Marker, Stonehenge, the Threshold of Worlds, Where the Moon Doth Rise with a Dragon's Face, Wiltshire, England, The Universe
When: The Summer Solstice, at the time between Venus has risen over Neptune, and the Crow has called out thrice to the rising sun
Who: All fans of Classic LucasArts!

Just let me know you're coming.
The online radio play Beneath Monkey Island, has had its fourth episode released after nearly a yearlong hiatus. Now that a new Guybrush Threepwood has been chosen, the episodes should be flying out.

This week, Guybrush and Karl (the Swordmaster of Jambalaya Island) get in a spot of insult sword fighting... with sexy results! Listen to part four here, and previous episodes of the series here.
Speaking of our friends at Bang Bang, they just announced a competition where you can win 100 pounds for designing a Monkey Island t-shirt. See, it's a win-win situation: you make money, and we get a Monkey Island t-shirt which probably won't suck.

Stop reading this! Enter!!!
Beneath Monkey Island is a free online radio play by hosted site Nightlight Productions (Tierra De Los Muertos, Lost Cause) that has been in production for a long time due to voicing delays.

Well... now all that's left to add is the voice of Guybrush Threepwood. This is where you help out!

If you have a microphone and think you can match the role, head over to Nightlight Productions and send in your addition! You will get paid!*

* Prize money in monkey bucks.
A reader named Nik wrote me to share a fan-made version of Dave's theme music from the NES version of Maniac Mansion, produced by a fellow named "shaunphase." Nik says the following about the person responsible for the track:
This guy on this online community I visit is pretty into turning NES tunes into proper songs. I don't think he's done any other MM tunes though, he says they're pretty difficult.
Give the tune a listen!
Hey gang! Remi Olsen is so totally hip. WTF he's doing here with you wasters I'll never know!!

ANYWHO, as everyone knows, Remi has this really mega wicked pod-cast that you can watch and it will make you go "HAHA" and spit milk out of your ears.

And the magical link to the magical land of LucasArts+? Remi's wearing a Grim Fandango t-shirt!

They're available from this site. Go buy buy buy until LucasArts legal sends their legal team to shut the whole operation down.

Update! The t-shirts are back in stock and cost £12. If LucasArts isn't going to cash in on their old property then other people might as well!
If you've recently wandered over to the placeholder page for, you may have noticed a few changes. Most importantly, the site now purports to launch in "early March" and now has a name: "Brutal! The Legendary Fan Site."

So keep your eye on it. Whatever it is Thrik's up to, it's sure to be Brutal.
Want to get your site advertised on the main page of Mix'n'mojo? For FREE?

Just e-mail me in the next week with a link to your site, and if said site fills the criteria you will be added to The List. All the sites on The List will then be given a banner at the top of this page, advertised according to the chronology of The List.

What are these magical criteria? It's nothing special. All we want are sites that are LucasArts+ related. Here are a few examples of sites we mean by that:
  • A Double Fan news blog!
  • A Loom fan-game homepage!
  • A Dominic Armato stalk pad!
  • An adventure game fan-site that also covers Telltale's games!
...basically, if we cover it here, and it's on your site, then you can join The List. If in doubt, e-mail me with your site anyway and I'll get back to you. Mojo hosted sites and other LFNetwork sites can also join in on this.

Hopefully this way we'll give some more coverage to fan-sites already affiliated with Mojo, as well as making friends with some new sites.
The #monkey-island chat event with Bill Tiller was... a huge success! Bill answered a lot of questions and we got to fit in some friendly banter as well. Mainly we discussed A Vampyre Story, his upcoming adventure game due for release early(ish) 2008, but we also covered a lot of Monkey Island topics, and got his side of the story on the Bad Brain break-up (including his reaction to the David Brent comparison!) You can see a good summary of all the Vampyre Story details we learnt over at The Pumpkin Post.

A raw log with nothing taken out can be found here. But I'll be posting a cleaned up version next week, which will be much easier to read.

Thanks to everyone who came and joined in, and special thanks of course to Bill Tiller, who was so friendly and talkative, and who gave up so much of his time. We really appreciated it! :)

Update: the clean version is now online!
The World of Monkey Island has gone the way of The SCUMM Bar and the Dodo ? and has ceased communication on the news page. Dalixam, Paco and all the crew kept a mighty fine web-site for ten years, and I think the decision to let the site sleep (at least until Monkey Island 5!!1) is a fair one.

And so the year ends with, as Dalixam rightly puts it, "the end of an era." Let the World of Monkey Island people know your thoughts by commenting on their news post.

And then there was one.
We'll be having a jolly whizzy party over at the #monkey-island chat room, and we've invited Bill Tiller to join in with the festivities!

If you haven't visited #monkey-island yet, it's very easy to get there and star chatting. Just download mIRC and connect to #monkey-island on the Gamesurge server.

The chat will officially begin at 8pm GMT Saturday 29th (so this Saturday) -- but please come early if you want to! We'll be playing games and chatting about the year, and when Bill Tiller arrives it'll be a great opportunity to talk to him about whatever you want -- A Vampyre Story (out early 2008), his work on Monkey Island, or the weather.

Look forward to seeing you all in our Mojo new year festive chat!
You will notice this news item (as I have done) by glancing at our community headlines, but I think that this deserves its own news post anyway: I am of course talking about the Monkey Island Wiki started by those hot studs at the World of Monkey Island.

Ron Gilbert actually created the idea of a Monkey Island wiki back in the 1992, and it was going to involve people mailing each other back and forth, each time changing text files stored on floppy disks. But it was never to be!

Luckily, we live in 2007 soon-to-be 2008, and can make full use of the Monkey Island Wiki. It takes seconds to edit and browse the entries, so get to it now!
Who's birthday mayest it be today? Why, tis Master Smith's, of NightlightTown!

Best wishes to ye, young squire.
Good news, everybody: The World of Monkey Island has turned ten years old! The International House of Mojo extends an electronic hand shake through cyber-ether to the site, despite us being a mere footnote in their history, or something.

Warm wishes to the site, and here's to another ten years.

Dalixam has promised us lots of exciting new features to hit our screens soon, and in the mean time we have this Paco Vink image to mull over. What could it mean?!
How did we miss this? This is like missing International Talk Like A Pirate Day! Last Saturday, October 13th, was International Monkey Island Music Day. Kotaku remembered, as did the founder of the feast Ron Gilbert, but Mojo forgot.

We promise we will never ever let you down ever again. Well, for at least a year anyway.
The International House of Mojo wishes THE MR TINGLER a very happy birthday and WONDERFUL RETURNS on this his twenty-fifth year of his anniversary of his birth.

Fireworks and celebrations are also sent to Dawn French, Young Indiana Jones, and Princess Luisa Maria of Belgium, Archduchess of Austria-Este.
This week's glorious MONKEY MEETING is well under way on #monkey-island ( but if you want to swim in the memories of last week's birthday chat, then by all means do so with a log of the event.

There's also a few peices of music that came to light last week. Here they are:

  • The MOST annoying midi ever (made by myself)
  • Monkey Island (and Remix ) - (Can anyone follow the lyrics to this? I can't understand a word - anyway, I believe Dingy made these and I definitely don't have permission to publish them, but ssh)
  • The Maniac Mansion TV theme! (And you thought you'd lost it forever)

    And the best for last:
  • The #monkey-island song by Darth_Phenom (Lyrics)

    Thanks to Zaarin for most of these songs!

    Highlights of the log include Spaff being a massive racist:

    [Spaff makes racist joke]
    [22:02] <+Magrat> wahay!
    [22:02] <@telarium> Wow.
    [22:02] <+Spaff|TF2> BAD TASTE COMES
    [22:02] <@Murray-Mint> Unexpected Racism!
    01[22:02] <+Gabez> Hee
    [22:02] <@telarium> Spaff is drunk again.

    And also all the jokes about marrying SarahS (the result of which is that I'm ostensibly married to her on Facebook)


    Update: Thanks a lot to Zaarin for posting the lyrics of the Dingy song in the comments!
  • John 'Log' Blythe, writer for UK gaming magazine PC Zone, got into an argument with a woman who it seems is "a bit of a character." He recorded it, and then a friend put it on their iPod. Whilst out jogging one morning, the argument came on in random shuffle mode ? and then afterwards the Monkey Island theme music.

    Inspiration struck, and the resulting magic is this video, created by one "Raz" (no relation). As Simon Jeffery once said: "very, very very... funny."

    Note: the original argument blog post and the video both contain strong language. Not to be viewed by anyone under the age of 25.
    Part three of Nightlight Production?s radio play Beneath Monkey Island has now been released. In this thrilling instalment, Karl and Guybrush continue on their voyage to Monkey Island, while LeChuck hatches a nefarious plan with his henchman, Number Two.

    Listen to the current episode, and past episodes, over at Nightlight.
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