A note to ponder and perhaps investigate: Dave Grossman's Pumpkin House of Horrors has been updated to include this year's pumpkins. Worth checking out if you really like or really hate pumpkins. This year's batch includes "Skull Clamp" and "Playing in Traffic," who is missing an eye. Halloween is today or tomorrow or yesterday depending on where you live, so whenever that is/was, happy Halloween!

A new version of ScummVM (the tool that allows many old adventure games to run on new systems) has just been released. It can be downloaded here.

Notable changes this time round include a new improved launcher and ingame gui, preliminary support for NES and C64 LucasArts games and support for vintage adventure games Inherit the Earth and Gobliiins.

Today also sees the launch of the new ScummVM forums, so any questions about the new release can be posted there.

First Airing: Saturday October 29 at Midnight on SpikeTV

According to a sourceless press release pilfered from another site...
GAME HEAD, SpikeTV?s new videogame show, gets a world exclusive look inside the new offices of Lucasfilm, LucasArts, and Industrial Light & Magic in San Francisco, CA. Hosted by Geoff Keighley, GAME HEAD takes gamers behind the scenes at LucasArts to meet the game testers, sound engineers, programmers and producers who are bringing the next generation of Star Wars games to life. PLUS, get a never-before-seen look inside the spectacular new 23-acre Letterman Digital Arts Center, including a look at George Lucas? new movie theater. AND keep an eye out for special appearances by some of your favorite Star Wars characters.
10 Mojo points to anyone whe sees anything in the episode that is outside of the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises.

Source: SpikeTV


Telltale is now offering the soundtrack for the first Bone game for online download, which is rather awesome. The page also includes the bonus of some interesting and informative comments from composer Jared Emerson-Johnson about the process of creating the score, and it's a great read. Enjoy the tuneage.

News From Russia (presumably some KGB intelligence-fed agency) claims Steven Spielberg will return from his decade-long game concept creation hiatus, and set up camp in a new office at EA for a 3-game deal.

Of course last time he turned his hand to gaming the result was the 'love-it-or-hate-it' LucasArts space adventure epic The Dig.

This time round "the deal involves much more than the Hollywood director merely putting his stamp on a game or popping in for quick consultations, said Neil Young, vice president and studio head of EA's Los Angeles studio. Instead, Spielberg will have an office in EA's studio. He plans to work side-by-side with game developers to create original gaming content beginning with the concept - not a game based on a movie, or vice versa, both of which are common practices nowadays".
The article concludes by stating in the early 1990s, LucasArts, the game-making arm of Lucasfilm Ltd., created a computer game called "The Dig" based on a Spielberg story idea. Game observers considered it a flop.

Of course I prefer the game players to the game observers for game opinions. And to round out this barely on-topic news post with another tenuous link to LucasArts, I direct you to Ron Gilbert's Spielberg quote that was posted here a few weeks back.

Source: News From Russia


As noted by "Thriftweed_" in the forums, Autumn Moon has opened a Cafe Express store where you can buy all sorts of things with the AME logo on it. Spooky!

No new news on the status of A Vampyre Story, though.

In this short interview with Telltale Games, the company discusses a bit about the future. Sam & Max news will be posted by the end of the month. Work on the second Bone game (still presumably based on only The Great Cow Race) is well underway, as you might have gathered from Dave Grossman's blog from last week. Telltale assures that the episode will be longer. The long-rumored "game based on a popular television series" will be published next year by one of Telltale's "partners." Check out the rest, won't you?

I wonder if the announcement of some concrete Sam & Max news will happen to coincide with the activity of a certain person's web site. Here's hoping!

Source: AdventureGamers forum


Well... It's yellow. At least you'll see it on the shelves.

Apparently the PC version is also on DVD which is kind of cool.

psychonauts box psychonauts box

If you've bothered to keep up with Germany-based adventure developer/publisher Bad Brain Entertainment since they failed to revive Sam & Max: Freelance Police and parted with Autumn Moon Entertainment, discontinuing production on their A Vampyre Story, you might have noticed the CEO blog among the site's new features. In it adventure game savior Wolfgang Kierdorf is in the process of writing a multiple part blog entry discussing the history of Bad Brain. So far he's revealed a few unnecessary details about his inital connection with Autumn Moon and his attempts to acquire the Sam & Max 2 code. Future tidbits may or may not be revealed in the next few entries, so keep an eye out if you've got nothing better to do.


Checked my Mojo email account today for the first time since around March 2004. Lots and lots of spam emails. Like, 50,000 of them. Also, apparently Sam & Max 2 got cancelled? Lots of people writing in to say that as well.

Some of the email I think was sent to the wrong place - half the messages I got were addressed to former staffers. I feel guilty holding onto these misaddressed letters for so long, so here are a few of them, just to clear the air a little:

Jamesh, Abraham Dunlap writes to tell you "Hello Jamesh" and requested I pass on the following info: "ogeymen barricade shrine spiky thumb bumptious actinometer doldrums cranston emil buzz accusative collapse inoperative fedora breadth rothschild."

Emma, Rodrick Watts wants you to know you could be bigger to please her.

Narrative, a man named Jimmie Feliciano wrote in to tell you about polyglot, adding that "all popullar soft ware on sale 50 percent off. Authentic O.E.M.." Thought you might like to know.