ScummVM 0.8.0 is here 30 Oct, 2005, 17:07 / 2 comments

A new version of ScummVM (the tool that allows many old adventure games to run on new systems) has just been released. It can be downloaded here.

Notable changes this time round include a new improved launcher and ingame gui, preliminary support for NES and C64 LucasArts games and support for vintage adventure games Inherit the Earth and Gobliiins.

Today also sees the launch of the new ScummVM forums, so any questions about the new release can be posted there.


  • Metallus on 31 Oct, 2005, 03:20…
    Gobliiins is one of the most evil games I've ever played. I wonder if I still have it.
  • drunkymonkey on 30 Oct, 2005, 17:46…
    Hurray! Downloading now.