Thimbleweed Park, much like Mojo, is the gift that keeps on giving. Play minigames, find tokens, and give Ronzo and Winnick a most gracious thank you for giving us what has to be the first adventure game to receive these types of add-ons.

Oh, and the game is available for the PS4, too. Owning the game on only one platform is gauche; have some class and get at least one other copy.

Speaking of games on other platforms, the new Batman game and Guardians of the Galaxy will be released for Switch. When? I didn't see any dates, so we'll go with "soon".

OK, that was a small dollop, but then, what did you really expect?


We're only two-ish years late on this one, but that doesn't mean we're not presenting you with what could be News For You:

Back in 2015 Game Informer ran an article called "Fall Of The Empire: How Inner Turmoil Brought Down LucasArts", chronicling the dark days of Jim Ward, the last glimmering hope with Darrell Rodriguez, to Paul Meegan bringing the axe in allowing the last two co-CEOs (neither of whom I can remember ever having heard the names of) to deliver the final cut.

A whole lot of steaming gore can be found within the article, including details on the cancelled Indy game, George Lucas's penchant for coming up with horrible character names, and who could forget about Fracture? There are preciously few mentions of the games we might be more interested in, but don't be a whiner; be grateful for what you get.

(I still think 1313 sounded fun, despite the ridiculous LucasArts's first ADULT game marketing pitch. (To this day it sounds more like a Star Wars porn simulator.))

Thanks to our very own Jason for bringing this article to our attention, and even further thanks for him graciously allowing me to post it! ¬


Yeah, I had expected to turn the snark factor to 11 here, but… The first episode of The Enemy Within is actually good. Very good. I like it. Don’t read this, though; go read the review instead. Then question everything in your life, just like I’m doing right now.


Tales from the Borderlands ranks well in my top five TTG games list, and this oral history of it is… Well, it‘s great, and probably something we should be doing, but whatever. Read it over at Campo “Jake used to work here” Santo‘s Quarterly Review, and learn how the game never was a commercial hit, and how Mike Stemmle was involved with an early version of it. And more!

(There are also a few snippets about The Wolf Among Us which are interesting.)

Here's a brief video of Steve Purcell being chatted up at the recent expo. Was anything of importance learned? No, but it's still always nice to see Steve.

Source: IdeateTV



We‘ll review it if TTG graces us with a review code; always a gamble.

This looks incredibly dour, and only really inspires me to fire up the Arkham trilogy again. Maybe even the tetralogy. But who knows, with some luck, some heart and humor will make their way into the game.

Batman: The Enemy Within will touch down on August 8th.

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