Thimbleweed Park Arcade opens, plus a dollop of other news 25 Aug, 2017 / 3 comments

Thimbleweed Park, much like Mojo, is the gift that keeps on giving. Play minigames, find tokens, and give Ronzo and Winnick a most gracious thank you for giving us what has to be the first adventure game to receive these types of add-ons.

Oh, and the game is available for the PS4, too. Owning the game on only one platform is gauche; have some class and get at least one other copy.

Speaking of games on other platforms, the new Batman game and Guardians of the Galaxy will be released for Switch. When? I didn't see any dates, so we'll go with "soon".

OK, that was a small dollop, but then, what did you really expect?


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    Javier Tolstoi on 29 Aug, 2017, 08:36…

    Javier Tolstoi

    Yeah, I also think Story, dialogues, puzzles and Background

    I meant "story".
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    Javier Tolstoi on 29 Aug, 2017, 08:33…
    Yeah, I also think Story, dialogues, puzzles and background art are amazing, but the giant heads, especially the one of Delores, disturbed me immensely. I know they are kinda mm-retro-like, but they do not fit with the detailed backgrounds and their unrealistic proportion literally distracted me from thinking. Although Delores was one of my favourite characters, when I had to think, I did not play her because the big head was so FUCKING ANNOYING. That might sound exaggerated, but for me, that reduced the game quality.

    Maybe I should add that I am the kind of person who cannot stand grammar mistakes, and so my disturbedness with "wrongly" proportionated heads might be very personal.
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    AlfredJ on 28 Aug, 2017, 11:57…
    I started this game around the time it got released, but life got in the way and I never got around to playing more than the first hour. This news made me start over again. It's really good! I love that Ron is updating this game as we speak.

    Not everything in the game is a hit with me - the jokes never really hit me as hard as they did in the original Monkey Islands, but I guess part of that is that I'm 20 years older at this point. And the comedy is always pleasant and doesn't annoy me as it did in something like Deathspank. None of the stuff that doesn't feel quite right to me does anything to really lessen my enjoyment though - even if it doesn't hit me as the classics did back in the day, this is a massively enjoyable game to go through and it is at times surreal to play a (as far as I'm concerned official) sequel to that classic line of games. I really hope it did well enough for Ron & the gang to continue making games like this. I suppose his ability to push these kinds of updates (which cost money in themselves, especially pushing updates on consoles I believe) means that it at least was something of a success. I personally don't really think Monkey Island 3a will ever really happen, and and I'm not sure if I want the next game to be Thimbleweed 2 (note: I haven't finished it, and if they did make a sequel I'd still be very pleased), but just seeing him make another original game that sort of kind of fits in those old worlds would be amazing. If this was a semi-sequel to Maniac Mansion, I'd love the next one to follow the design rules of Monkey 1/2 (especially artwise). Thimbleweed is halfway there already of course, but more detailed character sprites, a single playable character, and a slightly more fantastical setting, if you catch my drift. Not that I have any problem with what this game is going for (love it), but more for variety's sake I suppose.

    I don't think Tim will have the time, but get Dave Grossman in there and you've got a stew going.

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