Hot! It's all part of this new show format that IGN is trying out, and they certainly picked the right debut guest.

So watch Tim listen to questions and then subsequently answer them so convincingly, you'll swear it's not CGI!

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That's the thing with downtime, isn't it? We have an excuse not to do anything.

These days, of course, downtime is no longer a "thing" (he says, daringly), and we are forever indebted to you for having made that happen. Therefore we are starting our lives in servitude by catching up with days of yore. Today: a summation-opinion of the three last Tales from the Borderlands episodes.

(Tomorrow: probably nothing, and we're already getting ready to catch up with the catching upping.)

The Day of the Tentacle: Special Edition PAX posters of Green and Purple Tentacle that Double Fine was giving away at the show aren't available for the general public.

However, Double Fine is giving them away in a contest, so now if you didn't get to attend PAX, you have a chance to win them. It is a beauty contest, modeled after the pet human Beauty contest in the game. Submit a video or pictures and audio to win. Contestants will be judged on best hair, best smile, and best laugh. One winner will win both the purple tentacle and green tentacle posters, signed by Tim Schafer. Runners up will win the green tentacle poster, also signed by Tim.

Hurry though, as the contest ends "Monday or therabouts" at the end of the month.

Bob Gale has revealed that the upcoming Back to the Future: The Game - 30th Anniversary Edition will feature Tom Wilson as the voice of all the Tannen characters, replacing the previous voice work, as well as enhanced graphics.

The new edition will be released on October 13th for PS4, XBox One, XBox 360 and PC.

You can watch Bob Gale talk about it here.

Thanks to Shmargin for the tip off!

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Sources inside Double Fine have revealed that the upcoming Day of the Tentacle: Special Edition will only feature new art assets.

This means that it won't be using any of the Singapore artwork created for the abandoned LucasArts Special Edition, which was rumoured to have been 80% complete at the time of its cancellation (but which Double Fine refuse to acknowledge the existence, or non-existence, of).

The new Special Edition is due out sometime next year, and will feature newly recovered higher quality audio dialogue, a team commentary, higher resolution graphics, and undoubtedly lots of other things that have yet to be revealed.

Double Fine have stated that we will be seeing more of the game before of the end of the year, which hopefully means tomorrow, but probably means December.

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Double Fine's former COO, Justin Bailey, founded a new crowdfunding site focused solely on video games, entitled Fig.

Fig is different in the other crowdfunding sites, in that not only is it focused on just video game projects, but that it will have expert curation, so only a few projects will be showcased at once to prevent over saturation. It will also allow both crowdfunding and the ability for investors to invest in the project as well. So, the fact that investors are involved in these projects is known up front.

Even though Justin Bailey is no longer with Double Fine, Tim Schafer is on the board of directors, along with Feargus Urquhart and Brian Fargo. The only project on the service right now is Outer Wilds, which is currently at 118,000 of it's $125,000 goal with 3 days left to go.

Ron collected a few thoughts commemorating this occasion on his blog.

He also can't help but reference Monkey Island 3a, which is unfortunate.

Other than that, it's a good read. Pictures included!

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