See these Day of the Tentacle posters you won't get to have 28 Aug, 2015 / 3 comments

At their PAX booth this year, Double Fine will be selling two Day of the Tentacle: Special Edition posters signed by Tim.

This new Mojo that you guys paid for doesn't seem to be able to let me upload images, so check out the posters on the Double Fine Action News instead

It would be cool if these showed up at the company store some day, but there could be rights issues involved with that. I believe a similar legal snag has held up the release of the Grim Fandango Remastered soundtrack.


Source: Double Fine Action News



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    elTee on 29 Aug, 2015, 15:06…
    When spaff first tweeted these I had to restrain myself from openly begging him for one
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    Shmargin on 28 Aug, 2015, 19:15…
    Man, PAX is happening 40 minutes from my house, but the fact that tickets sell out 45 seconds after they go on sale prevents me from going
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    Remi on 28 Aug, 2015, 14:21…
    Basic news features were NOT part of the backer perks.

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