No doubt in response to relentless pestering by us that he was too polite to identify as such, Bill Tiller has used the A Vampyre Story Facebook page to deliver a status update on the A Vampyre Story series. Let's read the whole thing, won't we?

Hi All, Got a request for an update on all things AVS.

AVS2- on Hold. Waiting for funding. There is some progress in this area, but nothing final nor confirmed. That is all I can say without violating any NDAs. Crimson Cow owns the development and distribution rights for AVS2. So it out of AME’s hands.

AVS Year 1: When Mona Met Froderick- On tentative hold. The idea was to do this game back a year ago when I was free to focus on it, but in order to pay my bills I have started working on a really fun first person shooter for the iPhone and iPad with Munky Fun, the old Force Unleashed team who worked on AME’s game engine. So the project isn’t abandoned, it just not getting 100% of our time. But much progress has been made on it. We just need to script it, animate it, paint the backgrounds, and model the props. The game is designed, written, all backgrounds are drawn, and all character models are all built. There is some interest by Munky Fun in possibly developing it with me, but discussion on that won’t conclude till after the current game I am working on is complete. The game will get done regardless of whether MF doe it or not, but it will get done a lot faster and better with MF involvement.

AVS1 on Steam- Steam wants some major bugs to be fixed before they will put it on. Crimson Cow nor AME has enough money to go in and rewrite major sections of the engine to make Valve happy. So this will most likely never happen.

AVS1 on iOS- Crimson Cow and AME would like to see this happen, but we can’t agree on major aspects of the conversion process, so we are at an impasse. My guess this will happen eventually.

All these problems would be solved with venture capital money, but with the very sluggish economy and adventure games have a small profit margin, it’s hard to find a potential investor. So things progress slowly. Sorry, I am sure if I were a better businessman things would work out a lot better, but that is not where my talents lie, obviously. I hope you will forgive this shortcoming of mine, and I do very much appreciate you interest and patience.

Sincerely, Bill Tiller

So, not a wealth of information we didn't know or couldn't glean, but it's still nice to get the straight dope from Bill, and hopefully there are happy endings in the destiny of all these various AVS related efforts.

The Steam hurdle they've experienced surprises and fascinates me. I know AVS had a showstopping bug that got corrected in a patch, but what else could be causing it to fail Valve's screening process that is predicated on "rewriting major sections of the engine?" Is the same thing keeping Ghost Pirates off the service as well? Paging that guy who funded Costume Quest PC...

Update: Bill shortly followed up with a brief Ghost Pirates status report as well:

All things Ghost Pirates- No interest from DTP (I think it was a break even game for them) in the sequel but AME owns the IP and distribution rights to Ghost Pirates and the Galley of Doom, so this may well get made if I find an interested publisher or investor.

Source: A Vampyre Story Facebook page


Want to know what game Ron is working on at Double Fine? Then get in line, but in the meantime check out two pieces of character concept art he's put up on his blog along with this:

Here are a couple of fine pieces of concept art from the game I'm making with the amazing folks at Double Fine. I'm so excited. This is an idea that has been in my head for a long long long time. It predates Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island. It's a game that needed to be made.
These are two of the playable characters. That's all I can say right now, but more will follow later.

The concept art looks rather Nathan Martz-y Stapley-ish (but is actually the work of Derek Brand).

Source: Grumpy Gamer


Better late than never. Here's our review of all three episodes of Strandlooper and Telltale's trilogy Hector: Badge of Carnage by guest reviewer Igor Hardy. He runs A Hardy Developer’s Journal and has worked on the free adventure game Snakes of Avalon, so check them out!

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Telltale CEO Dan Connors started a thread over on the Telltale forums yesterday, making himself available for questions in the wake of the company's rather eventful week. Folks have been eager to take advantage and some interesting responses have resulted. It's my obligation to reprint the quotes pertaining to the future of Sam & Max and Monkey Island, which was of course a question posed.

Right now we aren't working on either but it would be much easier for us to do something with Sam and Max then Monkey at this point. We are working on the plan for next year now so we will be talking about.


I wish we had the rights to do more Monkey but we don't. Right now what I gather is LA is focused on building AAA titles internally but honestly we don't talk much these days.

He seems to still be checking the thread, so what about you? Is there something that you need to ask Dan?

Source: Telltale forums

Remember that Indiana Jones Facebook game that you don't care about because it's a Facebook game? Well, someone over at forums found out something interesting about it: apparently, Hal Barwood was somehow involved. On his web site, Hal credits himself on Adventure World in the area of "Narrative Design."

Who knew? And what does that mean? Perhaps more importantly, does it work like crazy?

Source: Finite Arts


Jurassic Park hasn't fared supremely well with mainstream reviewers, but, as reported by The Escapist, Telltale's employees aren't shy about showing their love for the game.

Apparently some perfect user scores showed up on Metacritic, accompanied by reviews calling Jurassic Park the best thing to have happened to anybody ever. Long story short: The reviewers were -- dam dam dam! -- Telltale employees. Telltale employees who didn't identify themselves as such.

So. There's some sort of statement about it all from Telltale in the aforementioned article, but it's obvious to most of us that it's in bad form for developers to review their own games, particularly when they don't identify themselves as employees of the company.

Sad, really, and it doesn't really help piquing people's interest in the game.

Source: The Escapist

Today, finally, is the release day for Jurassic Park: The Game! Breaking tradition, the four episodes that constitute the game are all available at once. Grab Jurassic Park for PC or Mac here, for iPad via the Apple Store, for Playstation 3 via the PSN, or for Xbox 360 from your local retailer. Those last two are going to be true only if you're in North America, but they will be true for other territories "soon," along with a retail PC release that North America doesn't appear to be getting.

Anyway, go play the game! Hurry along now, before I'm forced to tell everybody on Reddit about that time you did that thing.

Source: Telltale Store

A man going by the handle "boomerjinks" is going around various places on the internet, posting about how Telltale Games have mishandled his "Jurassic Park Jeep". Boomerjinks - who builds these Jurassic Park Jeep replicas himself - apparently lent Telltale one such replica for their booth at PAX. When it came back, it was damaged. A little bit of detective work apparently traces this error back to Telltale.

Boomerjinks posted more on the story, and some photographic evidence, in this Reddit thread. He posted much the same on NeoGAF.

Hmm! What do you think, people of Mojo?

Update: Telltale CCO and co-founder Kevin Bruner responds. With some class, I think.

Source: Reddit

Halloween came and went with nary a hint of news on A Vampyre Story: Year least, not for anyone who doesn't follow Bill Tiller on Twitter. Apparently, Bill has joined up with Munky Fun, another one of those ex-LEC startups, to lend his talents to an iOS5 FPS that he describes as "free, cartoony, fun, and silly."

Bill taking this gig means that production on the AVS prequel is "pretty much on hold till December at the soonest," but it may also translate into quid pro quo. Bill speculates that he and Munky Fun (who assisted Autumn Moon with creating their proprietary engine) may end up collaborating on the completion of Year One after this project is done.

In the meantime, enjoy the latest delay of A Vampyre Story: Year One!

Source: Bill Tiller's Twitter


The first episode of the oddly titled Monkey Island Tales -- Tales of Monkey Island for the rest of us -- is now available for the iPhone/iPod Touch. Telltale recommends at least the 3GS to play it, though if history has taught us anything, the iPhone 4 will make it a whole lot more satisfying.

Download it at the App Store because your OCD will force you to get it for every platform possible.


Our last Autumn Moon related feature (for now) is Jason's review of their second game, Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island.

Have fun!

Costume Quest is cheap on Steam right now. I only beat the game yesterday, and my verdict is this: buy it. It's lovely. There's precious little time left on the sale, though, so hustle.
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