Team Xbox has published an interview with Greg Borrud, director of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Naturally, this interview discusses some of the new features for the Xbox version of the game. Here's a quote:
The team has always been pretty excited about working on the Xbox. In fact at the beginning of the production we were debating whether the game should release on the Xbox or the Gamecube first.
Seems to be a lot of that going around. Find the full interview right here.



Though they only very very vaguely have anything at all to do with LucasArts, we host them and lrrrv them greatly. Yes, those animutations, the frightening flash movies where a disco dancing Simon Jeffery, 3-legged Pee-Wee Herman and any number of Japanese Pokemon songs all join together, and somehow make sense.

Anyway, yesterday (oops) was their second birthday, so in celebration you bored people should go and watch them all, because they rule..

GameSpot has published Entry #1 for Hal Barwood's RTX Red Rock designer diary. This first entry deals with the woes of cutting parts out of the game as the production deadline looms closer. Here's a small glimpse into the process:
So, with a good cut to make, why is the process so tough? Because we're in schedule hell, with hard dates to make and not much time to make them. Each little featurette must be measured against time that could be spent honing up the frame rate, for example, on the PS2. And cuts can backfire.
PS2, eh? *sniff* In addition, the feature allegedly contains 37 new screenshots. Note for you Windows users: the screenshots will not appear if you've been monkeying around with your "hosts" file. Enjoy!