Animutation Turns 2 01 Mar, 2003, 13:19 / 1 comments

Though they only very very vaguely have anything at all to do with LucasArts, we host them and lrrrv them greatly. Yes, those animutations, the frightening flash movies where a disco dancing Simon Jeffery, 3-legged Pee-Wee Herman and any number of Japanese Pokemon songs all join together, and somehow make sense.

Anyway, yesterday (oops) was their second birthday, so in celebration you bored people should go and watch them all, because they rule..

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  • Bobo Donkey? on 04 Mar, 2003, 11:38…
    "TV say, donuts are high in fat.
    Kazoo. Found a hobo in my room.
    Its Princess Leia, the yodel of life.
    Give me my sweater back or ill play the guitar."

    I remember this flash movie was on Newgrounds two years ago then it got took off. Im glad that im finally reunited with it (It was made by a MixnMojo? site all this time, how embarrasing to not know that)