ScummVM, the program that allows you to run many adventure games from many different developers, such as LucasArts, Sierra, Revolution, Coktel Vision, and more, on modern operating systems, phones, tablets, and consoles, is gearing up for their latest release. That means that they have made quite a few improvements, and added new games, and they need your help to test them to make sure they play as they should.

The new games that will be added in 1.7.0 are Chivalry Is Not Dead, Mortville Manor, Return to Ringworld, The Neverhood, and Voyeur. They have also changed their Adlib player for the DOS floppy versions of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Loom, so they need your help testing these games as well.

If you own any of these games and would like to help out, then fire up ScummVM on your platform of choice and test. Let them know how you made out on the ScummVM forums and if you find any bugs, submit them on the ScummVM bug tracker. The results of testing will be posted on the ScummVM wiki.

In related news, keep an eye on the ScummVM Planet. The Google Summer of Code is going on now, ScummVM is a part of it again, and this year their sister project ResidualVM is involved too (with ScummVM acting as an umbrella for both projects). GSoC students are adding support for Sfinx and The Prince and the Coward to ScummVM, as well as improving support for Escape from Monkey Island and improving the TinyGL renderer in ResidualVM. They've already accomplished a lot on these tasks, so it will be really interesting to see what they manage to get done by the end of the summer.


First, Broken Age: Act 1 is now available for the iPad. While I've yet to try it, it's pretty obvious that the control scheme from the PC/Mac/Linux (was there a Linux version?) version lends itself very well to touch. So it seems like a worthwhile purchase at $9.99.

An interesting tidbit mentioned by AlfredJ: Seems Sony had approached Disney to get the Grim rights by itself, and only joined up with Double Fine when they found out both companies were after the game. Even more interestingly, Sony, apparently, was going for all of the LEC adventure titles. Did they succeed? Maybe? Hopefully? We'll see, I suppose, but this all has taken a very unexpected turn…

Oh, and there's Star Wars: Battlefield 3 if that's your thing. Actually, it doesn't look half bad. Check out LA Times for a short introductory video.

Update: To please Melancholick, here is a video and some stuff on Costume Quest 2.


Well, hell, Double Fine is remastering Grim Fandango -- what can you do to sustain this high?!

First, you can stop whining about it not being released for PC up front. You know it'll be available for non-Sony platforms soon enough.

Then! Then you can bask in nostalgia heaven!

For example, you can check out our various screenshots. Concept art, in-jokes, covers… It's all there. And you probably want to re-watch the trailer and enjoy a G4 special on the game too, right in our video section.

This is probably a good time to re-read Jason in-depth Secret History article too. (LEC might not have acknowledged Grim's existence, but, bizarrely enough, Disney has.)

Word has it that Thrik is resurrecting his Grim Fandango site. You should nag him to get that going.

And the soundtrack! Go listen to the soundtrack!

2 Player Productions has a retrospective too. What the hell?

Feel free to link to more Grim in the comments, or on Twitter. Tweet it to us and we shall retweet.

This is happening.
DOTT next?
Update: Video!

Source: E3


Remember Mojo's patron saint, Dan Pettit? Wonder what happened to him? Well, wonder no more!

Kaptain Brawe 2: A Space Travesty is now on Kickstarter. It is an adventure game with a story by Steve Ince (who worked with Revolution on most of its games, and created the So Blonde series) and 2D art by Autumn Moon founder (and Curse of Monkey Island lead artist) Bill Tiller.

This seems like a perfect pairing, since just about everyone would agree that it's always great to see Bill Tiller artwork in adventure games, and Steve Ince has been nominated for multiple awards for his adventure game scripts. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and pick a tier to help get the game made.


Zen Studios will be releasing a new digital pinball table this summer for their pinball games based on Telltale's The Walking Dead: Season One. In related news, it seems that with Telltale's games releasing on so many platforms these days, even their own blog is having trouble keeping up with the news, since The Walking Dead: Season Two quietly snuck onto Kindle Fire HDX and Amazon Fire TV on May 10th (Update: June 5: episode 3 is now out on Amazon platforms too).


While we were down, things kept right on going. So, here's what we missed during our downtime:

The Wolf Among Us Episode 4 finished releasing on the already announced platforms (PC/Mac/PSN/XBLA/iOS) and The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 3 finally received a release date for PS Vita: June 3rd in North America and June 4th in Europe. Also, Telltale announced a bunch of disc versions of their games: PS4 and Xbox One will be getting The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, and The Walking Dead: Season Two. There will also be disc versions of The Walking Dead: Season Two and The Wolf Among Us for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. No release dates yet have been announced.

And last but not least, Ron Gilbert's Match 3 puzzle game, Scurvy Scallywags, is now on Android, Tommo and Night Dive released 5 more Humongous Entertainment games on Steam, and bjbennyboy's Telltale Explorer now supports Poker Night 2, Law & Order: Legacies, and The Walking Dead: Season One.

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