At their PAX booth this year, Double Fine will be selling two Day of the Tentacle: Special Edition posters signed by Tim.

This new Mojo that you guys paid for doesn't seem to be able to let me upload images, so check out the posters on the Double Fine Action News instead

It would be cool if these showed up at the company store some day, but there could be rights issues involved with that. I believe a similar legal snag has held up the release of the Grim Fandango Remastered soundtrack.


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Double Fine just announced a new game today titled Headlander. It is a science fiction comedy game that is in the Metroid style of gamplay. This is the game that Double Fine is making in conjunction with Adult Swim Games. You can see the announcement trailer embedded below, or here if the embedding doesn't work for you.

Gamefly has a listing for a Back to the Future: The Game 30th Anniversary Edition. The game will apparently be coming out for the first time for PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Even more intriguing is the Amazon listing which includes Tom Wilson as Biff Tannen. We'll just have to wait to see if this a mistake on their part, or if Telltale managed another Earl Boen situation and plans to re-release the game with the original actor in the role.

That said, nothing has been confirmed by Telltale yet about this new release, so we'll also have to wait to see if this 30th anniversary edition comes out at all. For what it's worth, Amazon has the release date listed as October 13, 2015.


Fancy yourself some Manny Calavera toys? Of course you possibly do, and now you can get some without paying for them. Cubeecraft has this.… cut-out… thingie for your cut-and-assemble pleasure, for those looking for paper toys on the cheap.

Make today a Grim Fandango arts and crafts day!

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Double Fine was founded in July 2000 - on Tim's birthday - to create its first game. That game was released in 2005. Naturally, a project in development for that long is gonna have some production tales worth writing about, which Gamasutra's Game Developer Magazine (discontinued) did when they published a postmortem for Psychonauts, scribed by then Double Fine producer Caroline Esmurdoc, back in August 2005.

I can remember reading it, but apparently a full version has never been thrown online before, or so Gamaustra says in the convenient web version they published yesterday in honor of the game's tenth (!!) anniversary. Check it out!

Source: Gamasutra


You can find them over at the Double Fine forums. We haven't gotten any audio/visual of Day of the Tentacle: Special Edition just yet, but some of these responses - a combination of reflections about the original game and details about the remaster, will whet your appetite and then some. My personal favorites:

Are there uncompressed voice recordings from the original game? Will they be used? - d_Stilgar

Matt: Yes. There are. We found the original DAT tapes from the recording session and we’ve painstakingly gone through and re-edited the sessions to pull out high quality audio for the voice, which is what we will be using for the special edition!

Any cool discoveries (that you can talk about) this time [regarding interesting things found in the game’s data files]? Maybe Grossman nonchalantly revealing the Secret of Monkey Island somewhere? Remnants of lost puzzles? - Alfred J

Matt: We did find out one interesting thing actually, about Ben!

Spaff: Oh yeah! Whilst reading through Tim’s DOTT notebooks I spotted reference to one ‘Ruben Throttle’ - Was this Ben Throttle’s full name? I asked Tim and he confirmed it was. That’s a fun fact in and of itself, but it gets better. in 2001 or so my friend Jake and I asked Tim if Hoagie was Ben’s brother, and he said something along the lines of “how did you know that!?”. When I asked him about the Ruben Throttle thing, Tim brought up his relationship with Hoagie again and said “their mom named them both after sandwiches”. So there you go!

Eddie Riggs is clearly related to them somehow too, but maybe as a cousin or something seeing as he doesn’t have a sandwich name? Unless Eddie Riggs is a stage name, hmmmm.

I don't know about related, but Hoagie definitely namedrops "my friend Eddie" at some point...I think when looking at the horse in hallway? Oh, and I'm jazzed to hear they uncovered the original recordings. It was possibly my biggest concern, because that MONSTER.SOU file doesn't leave a lot of breathing room.

Now stop consuming everything Buzzfeed-style and go read all of the team's responses. Spaff spent a lot of time on it. >:

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With the Day of the Tentacle: Special Edition just around the corner, it might be time for you to familiarize yourself with the commonly held American history myths that DOTT makes reference to.

With this in mind, Johnny "ThunderPeel2001" Walker has stepped in, and created a helpful Day of the Tentacle History Lesson for non-Americans to help you appreciate the American folklore and jokes (and puzzles) in the game.

Get reading now (although don't necessarily use what you learn in a history exam -- Tim Schafer and Dave Grossman weren't big on historical accuracy!)

Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick's upcoming adventure game will debut on Xbox One on the same day it releases for Windows, Mac, and Linux. To mark the announcement, a new trailer has also been released.

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