Finally some good news! In the past few days both The World of Monkey Island and The SCUMM Bar (now under new management) have come back online in full, or at least nearly so. And on top of that, Adventure Gamers has just come back this afternoon!

Unfortunately for everyone on the network, the hard drive from our old server has been more or less fully looked over by the drive recovery place, and they weren't able to get all the files back. A little more info on the HD recovery can be found here.

As for Mojo? Some of our files were recovered from the drive (apparently, thankfully, including our entire news archive and user database), so we plan to re-open at least partially within the next week.

And finally, if you're a webmaster of a Mojo hosted site who still hasn't been re-added since the crash and would like to re-upload your site yourself, please contact me, but don't send me more viruses dammit.

LGH of iMuse Island has informed me that Music 4 Games has published an article about the upcoming live orchestral score for Secret Weapons Over Normandy. The article even has an MP3 of the main theme, so check it out!

Also while you're at it, there is another article on the same site concerning the live score for Wrath: Unleased. I sense a trend... and I am pleased.

LucasArts has announced that Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy for the PC has gone gold and will be in stores September 17, 2003. That was fast, wasn't it? Expect the Xbox version sometime in October... I think.

Ronda Scott, the infamous Internet Community Relations Specialist at LucasArts, has been intereviewed by Dragon Clan. Not only does the interview use a picture from our Press Day article, but they seem to have used the wrong picture. Oh well, we don't mind because Ronda managed to drop a plug in for the LFNetwork.

In light of the recent announcement that LucasArts has decided to stop production on Full Throttle 2, we asked Tim Schafer, creator and director of the original Full Throttle, for comment. Here's what he had to say:

“I heard they just couldn’t go on without the emotional support of Tom Sarris. I mean, Tom was the person Ben Throttle was based on. Not a lot of people know that. So I guess they finally just realized there was no way to do it with out him.”

Deep down, didn't we all know it to be true? (for the dense: Schafer is joking) Check out this thread on the Mixnmojo forums to discuss all of the insanity.

IGN published this article today, claiming that LucasArts has announced the cancellation of Full Throttle: Hell on Wheels. Shortly after that, LucasArts also published a mention on their own website with a quote from Simon Jeffery:

"We do not want to disappoint the many fans of Full Throttle," says Simon Jeffery, president of LucasArts, "and hope everyone can understand how committed we are to delivering the best quality gaming experience that we possibly can."

The goodness that is ScummVM has been updated once again! In addition to its support for countless classic LucasArts adventures including Curse of Monkey Island they've added some stuff to the new version:
  • Extensive overhaul of the music subsystem, more games now support music
  • Support for the Enhanced (V2) versions of Maniac Mansion and Zak McKracken
  • Support for Beneath a Steel Sky, made possible thanks to Revolution Software supplying the team with the original assembly source code!
  • Aspect Ratio correction added, by popular request (similar to the aspect correction found in the LucasArts Entertainment Pack)
Perhaps the coolest part of the announcement is that along with the new 0.5.0 release, Revolution has allowed the ScummVM team to release the classic adventure Beneath a Steel Sky as freeware! Maybe some other companies could learn from this example. Download ScummVM and Beneath a Steel Sky here!

And of course, users of ScummVM Quick & Easy will be pleased to hear that benny has just put out an 0.5.0 compatible version. Finally, if you haven't read our LucasArts Editors Day coverage, you're missing out big time.