Some Sites Return! 26 Aug, 2003, 00:47 / 0 comments

Finally some good news! In the past few days both The World of Monkey Island and The SCUMM Bar (now under new management) have come back online in full, or at least nearly so. And on top of that, Adventure Gamers has just come back this afternoon!

Unfortunately for everyone on the network, the hard drive from our old server has been more or less fully looked over by the drive recovery place, and they weren't able to get all the files back. A little more info on the HD recovery can be found here.

As for Mojo? Some of our files were recovered from the drive (apparently, thankfully, including our entire news archive and user database), so we plan to re-open at least partially within the next week.

And finally, if you're a webmaster of a Mojo hosted site who still hasn't been re-added since the crash and would like to re-upload your site yourself, please contact me, but don't send me more viruses dammit.