Maniac Mansion Bonus Track aka The Sounds of SOMI SE Part 2 19 Aug, 2022 / 2 comments

As you may recall 4,794 days ago, the year was 2009 and Laserschwert had completed a wonderful interview (news post) and separate review about The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition music. The interview was of Jesse Harlin, the composer for the Special Edition release. Along with our hint at a hopeful "official" digital release of that soundtrack (just checked; not quite ready yet) also came with the tease of a Bonus Track known only as "Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx".

Little did we know how clever the Mojo readers were with word puzzles years before we would let them prove that daily (Mojole) that it would be quickly figured out that the cypher solution could only be referring to a "Maniac Mansion" track. And although the Monkey Island Special Edition Soundtrack would make its way online, the Maniac Mansion Bonus track did not.

Yoda-yoda-yoda, it's now March 2022 and a Monkey Island 1 Special Edition Soundtrack CD mysteriously appears on eBay, containing the Bonus Track. A winning bid is declared and the CD is not heard of again. Until today.

So come take a listen to an official LucasArts take at a Maniac Mansion updated theme by Jesse Harlin and join in discussion with other Maniac Mansion music aficionados; Ed-Heads I believe they are called. This track was made with love and at a time when it very likely had to be made in secret, with the hope of pushing upper-management to consider making Maniac Mansion Deluxe Maniac Mansion Remastered.

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    OzzieMonkey on 20 Aug, 2022, 03:04…
    I really hope a remaster gets made someday. After Ron tweeted about wanting to do one with new puzzles and extra characters, I have hope. Everyone buy Return to Monkey Island and make it and other remasters happen!
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    Rum Rogers on 19 Aug, 2022, 22:15…
    Humbled to have played a little part in this! All hail Scummbuddy!

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