Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings novelization available for free to fans, fifteen years later 04 Mar, 2023 / 0 comments

The book tie-in to Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings has been on quite the journey. LucasArts commissioned established Indy novelist Rob MacGregor to write the literary adaptation, which was, naturally, supposed to come out alongside the game.

Somewhere along the way of the game slipping its schedule, getting quasi-cancelled, and finally being published in the form(s) that it was in 2009, the completed companion book fell between the cracks, while legal constraints prevented the author from releasing the work himself in the absence of interest from Lucasfilm and a publisher. There was some plain old weirdness surrounding the whole thing.

The book was quasi-liberated a year or so ago when MacGregor gave a chapter-by-chapter reading in podcast form. Now, finally, the thing can be read in its intended medium. The details come courtesy of “ThrowMeTheWhip” on forums:

You mean to tell me your copy of Staff of Kings isn’t as beat up as mine? Maybe that’s because this is the first time in 15 years that everyone is able to read this long-lost book! Now available in ePub! (Link Below)

This book was forgotten by the publisher and left to languish for over a decade, until last year when @robmacgregor16 read the book as part of his podcast. Now I’m proud to present it in its original book form for the first time ever, featuring an all new Afterword by the author himself, and brand new back cover artwork by the talented @cg_illus!

The book has been formatted by me to match the classic 90s Indy novels in style.

This is a fan-made preservation. It is FREE for all to read and is NOT FOR SALE now or ever.

I hope you all enjoy!

For iOS: iBooks, Nook
Android: Kindle, Nook

NOTE— proper display cannot be guaranteed for apps other than those I’ve recommended. Kindle on iOS does not support SVG and will not display images correctly.[/

Good grief. But nice that the whole thing had a happy ending, eventually.

Source: The Raven forums


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