Staff of Kings - cancelled 03 Jun, 2009, 00:15 / 6 comments

The Raider is reporting that the finished novelization of Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings has been cancelled.
The book [written by Indy veteran Rob MacGregor] and the game were originally scheduled to come out in June of 2008, simultaneously with Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Both were pushed back to the fall of '08, then June '09 as the Indy operation underwent a shake-up.
After that, the game and book were pushed back yet another year to June of '10. But then the ambitious plans for a new Indy game platform were dropped, and the new video game was moved back to June '09.
What a debacle.

Source: The Raider



  • Shmargin on 03 Jun, 2009, 12:57…
    that sucks, I liked the Rob MacGregor Indy novels, read all of em back in middle school or high school.
  • Junaid on 03 Jun, 2009, 06:39…
    haha wow, I honestly thought Lucasarts was back to their old ways after one day of being cool again
  • 3headedmonkey on 03 Jun, 2009, 12:19…
    I don't think that it's a lucasarts decision.
    guess that lucas licensing is probably responsible
  • Udvarnoky on 03 Jun, 2009, 00:58…
    James Joyce's Stephen Hero and Rob MacGregor's Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings.
  • Udvarnoky on 03 Jun, 2009, 02:16…
    Also - news title of the year.
  • The Tingler on 03 Jun, 2009, 08:07…
    Should've been 'Staff of Kings - cancelled (again)'