Rob MacGregor opens up about buried Staff of Kings novelization 14 Dec, 2011 / 6 comments

You may recall that a novelization of Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings penned by Rob MacGregor, author of seven previous Indy books, was supposed to accompany the game's release but was bizarrely cancelled despite having been long completed. In a blog post, MacGregor recalls the incident in detail.

Basically, the publisher (Del Rey) had set the release of the novel to coincide with the release date for the game that was slated at the time, but when LucasArts changed the release schedule for Staff of Kings to the tune of a year long delay in a harbinger of the whole We're Abandoning The Internal Version To Focus On Force Unleashed fiasco, they did not let Del Ray know. Despite MacGregor's attempts to communicate this development with his editor, the game came out with no book. Rather than release the book even slightly belatedly, it was decided that it wasn't worth releasing it at all (?!). At one point, Howard Roffman (Lucas Licensing exec and interim LEC president) told an inquiring fan the point-blank falsehood that the reason for the novel's mysterious absence was that MacGregor had "missed the deadline," despite the fact that the manuscript had been submitted an entire year before the game came out.

It's completely ridiculous and a little heartbreaking to think that a completed Indiana Jones novel will not see the light of day simply due to a communication failure and boneheaded business decision. I think I know what MacGuffin Indy should be searching for in the fifth movie. For his part, MacGregor seems more flummoxed than pissed off, noting that he was "paid quite well" for the adaptation, but the publisher lost money and us Indy fans are left to cry.

Think you can hold in the tears? MacGregor has this image of the novel's cover to help get you going:

Source: Seven Realms Publishing



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    Sopabuena on 15 Dec, 2011, 20:18…
    Unrelated news: Stacking may be coming to PC:
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    Vainamoinen on 15 Dec, 2011, 14:39…
    No, I can't hold in the tears.

    But that is mainly as I weep with Drew Struzan. The cover tries to steal his style but heavily fails in likeness and composition. Well, at least the colors seem decent.
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    Ascovel on 14 Dec, 2011, 13:08…
    Remind me to never write an official Indiana Jones novel - seems like truly rewardless work.
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    Shmargin on 14 Dec, 2011, 04:12…
    Yeah, I was really pissed when this got canned. Ive read several authors take on my favorite adventurer, and Rob MacGregor was by far my favorite. His we're the only ones that kept me coming back for more, and I remember how sad I was as Rob said he was "passing the hat and whip" at the end of his last Indy novel.

    I was really excited to read another great novel in the series, and it sucks that it all got ruined for the stupid reasons lists above.

    Maybe if I send some naked pictures of myself to the right people I can find a copy...hmmm...
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    Scummbuddy on 14 Dec, 2011, 02:35…
    I'm as perplexed as Indy looks.
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    mish87 on 14 Dec, 2011, 02:25…
    I would've bought it. I have all the previous books, and they're actually quite good!

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