Law & Order Legacies joins the ranks of Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures as another Telltale series that is no longer available for sale from digital storefronts. If you already purchased the game you should still be able to download the game from the digital storefront where you purchased it. Otherwise, there is no longer any way to purchase it digitally as the game has been removed from sale on Steam, the Telltale store, and iTunes.

Luckily, all hope is not lost, as like Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures, the PC version was released at retail, so it's still available while supplies last for people who still want it. However, unlike Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures, the retail version of Law & Order: Legacies was only available in the United Kingdom. So, outside of eBay, Amazon UK is your only chance to get it now.

Update: If you don't live in Europe, Amazon also has limited quantities available for only $3.
I finally got myself familiarized with ScummGen, the compiler that takes C-style code and compiles it into resources used by the actual SCUMM engine (used by LucasArts for all of their adventure games from Maniac Mansion to The Curse of Monkey Island, and by Humongous Entertainment in most of their games until 2003). I polished up the ScummGen test game, Indiana Jones and the Call of Thunder.

The original team (Dominik Haslinger, Jens Doblies and Sebastien Ronsse) did the majority of the work. It was originally intended to be a much longer game, but it was cancelled. I finished up the ice cavern sequence so that it could be released as a completely playable game as I thought it would be a shame if no one got to play it. Their sourcecode was playable up to the point where you complete the mechanism in the cavern.

Here are the changes and fixes that I made to that source code:
  • Replaced LucasArts logo with a ScummGen logo.
  • Made a few grammar corrections to the original script.
  • Created icons for inventory items that lacked them (all instances of the stones and the gas can).
  • Programmed an if/then statement regarding the gas can that was referenced but not implemented in the source.
  • Fixed the mechanism puzzle to require both objects, as before it was possible to complete it with only one object.
  • Added dialog to facilitate the change in the mechanism puzzle.
  • Fixed the lighting so that the cavern stays lit when you move to the cavern entrance and back.
  • Enabled the usage of the item used to exit the cavern, as referenced but not implemented in the source.
  • Changed description of the macguffin as it was originally used as a joke related to the game being unfinished (but kept it humourous to suit the tone of the original).
  • Added dialog necessary for the ending sequence.
  • Added end screen.
You can download it at my page if you want to try it out. It includes the sourcecode. It doesn't include an executable though, as it needs ScummVM in order to run (and I figured I'd cut out the middle man and just let people run ScummVM on whatever system they wish to run it on). It's detected in ScummVM as Day of the Tentacle.
In their ongoing mission to make releases on a schedule more in-line with their puzzle based adventure games, Telltale's Minecraft: Story Mode has received its third episode. It will be released on all platforms that have already received the game today, worldwide. They've also released a launch trailer, which you can view here.

In other Telltale news, they are continuing their mission to release their game on every platform known to man and beast, as they are currently testing a Linux/SteamOS port. Hopefully the ColecoVision version of the Telltale Tool won't be too far around the corner.

I mean, he should be, right?

Futurama is one again undead, and the man behind it will be Dave "I design awesome things" Grossman. The game will be released for "mobile" platforms, which, let's face it, we all can agree that we at least own these days.

Read the stuff I'm too lazy to type out for more.

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I mean, good for those of you who like the stuff I guess, but for the rest of us… Something Fables related? Borderlands? Heaven forbid, Sam & God Damn Max?! But yes, Dinklage can add another notch to his belt I suppose.

Read Mashable for more of this exciting news.

Telltale's Game of Thrones finale will be released tomorrow for all platforms, worldwide. The entire season will also be available at retail tomorrow, as well.

Complex has produced a thirty minute Telltale Games documentary called Telltale Games: Story Mode.

It's a really interesting watch, and includes a lot of information about their founding and early days. We even get some new information on Sam & Max: Freelance Police. Apparently, it was already episodic by the time it was cancelled. They had finished one episode already, and were working on finishing up another one when it was cancelled, and the producers on the game were then brought into a meeting where they were told the financial reasons why the digital distribution and episodic model wouldn't work. And, thus, they left to prove them wrong.

There's also a lot of other interesting tidbits in there, so if you're interested, watch it embedded below, or here if the embedding doesn't work for you.

We were down, OK? Mojo was DOWN, and so we had to take some extra time to get this review up. It's not our fault!

But now it's up, and since you clearly... well, I'm sure you've already played it, but maybe you are waiting for another opinion to figure out how you feel... Here's another opinion, OK? Relatively on time. ¬

This news is a day late for Halloween, but we here at Mojo prefer to think of it as a day early for the Day of the Dead.

Graham Annable, former art director at LucasArts and Telltale, and Oscar nominated film director, has released a new Grickle short. You probably know Grickle best as the source for Telltale's Puzzle Agent series, but the shorts are awesome and worth checking out as well. The newest short, The Webb is the longest Grickle short created to date. Enjoy it by watching the video linked below, or watching the video directly in YouTube by clicking this link.

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