In an itriguing thread posted at The Inventory, a spokesperson for Bad Brains Entertainment (who have just picked up Autumn Moon's Vampyre's Story) made an astounding comment;
"...also there are negotiations with LucasArts but I can't get into detail here. Maybe this will be the surprise release of 2005. The game you all wanted but didn't get (except for a fine trailer)..."

Read the whole thing, and followup comments here.

Source: The Inventory


According to a post on the Telltale Games forum, Bill Tiller of Autumn Moon Entertainment revealed in a recent The Inventory webchat that they have found a publisher, "Bad Brain Entertainment," which is based in Germany.

Hopefully this means work proper will begin on A Vampyre Story in the very near future.

Source: The Inventory


In a new interview with LucasArts president Jim Ward, he reveals that a new Star Wars RTS game is in the works.
As a result, we will have new live-action and animated TV shows over the next few years, and I think there's a bright future there for games based on these new properties as well as original "Star Wars" games like a new real-time strategy PC game that Petroglyph is developing for next year. This game will take the (real-time strategy) genre in a new direction and will balance gameplay between the hard-core gamers who buy these games and the broader audience that's familiar with the "Star Wars" brand.
The Insanely Great status of the game is yet to be confirmed.

Source: Reuters


From a heads up by Indy3 in the mojo forums, The Indy Experience has just posted an interview with (former) long time LucasArts employee Hal Barwood, concentrating mostly on Fate of Atlantis and Infernal Machine. He also hints at his future;
Now that I?ve left LucasArts, I?m reviving [finite arts] for a freelance whirl in game design and writing.
Click here for the full article. No mention of that RTX sequel, though.

Update by ATMachine: Thanks to this interview, I've managed to add some information on a previously unknown game to the Mixnmojo Database.

Check out our entry on Indiana Jones and the Garden of Life.

Also, I've updated Indiana Jones and the Iron Phoenix's entry with a few new factoids.

Source: The Indy Experience


Wow. Like most of you, I didn't expect to wake up to news like this. I'm shocked, depressed, possibly drunk, you name it. Yes, out of the middle of nowhere, Adventure is back from the dead, after years - literally - of being offline! The site sports an amazing new look and is well worth checking out in full.

Huge congrats to Erwin and also anyone else who helped get that thing back that I don't know about. Good work!