Holy. Crap. 03 Nov, 2004, 21:05 / 2 comments

Wow. Like most of you, I didn't expect to wake up to news like this. I'm shocked, depressed, possibly drunk, you name it. Yes, out of the middle of nowhere, Adventure is back from the dead, after years - literally - of being offline! The site sports an amazing new look and is well worth checking out in full.

Huge congrats to Erwin and also anyone else who helped get that thing back that I don't know about. Good work!


  • Erwin_Br on 04 Nov, 2004, 15:28…
    4 more years! 4 MORE YEARS!!!
  • Courthold on 04 Nov, 2004, 10:51…
    We said we'd be back eventually :D