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Pay attention, this pertains to you.

While LucasArts has made it more than abundantly clear that they're not interested in making adventure games anymore, you can't say the same for their ex-employees.

By our count, there are in fact three small teams of developers, all composed of ex-adventuremakers at LucasArts, each working on brand new adventure games. Let's take a look:<:MORENEWS:>

First, there's Telltale Games. Formed by three members of the Sam & Max 2 team, Telltale is working on... well, we don't know really, except that it's an adventure game, and we know they'll be revealing all in the next couple months. For now, keep an eye on their staff blog.

Second, we have the 2D, clearly CMI-inspired, A Vampyre Story. A Vampyre Story is sort of in the opposite boat from the Telltale and Pileated (see below) guys, in that we know quite a bit about this team's game, but we don't officially know much about the team itself (other than its ex-LEC guys, and looks a bit like CMI). Click that link for samples of the game's background art, and some music tracks, because they rule.

From a recent writeup about the game: "A Vampyre Story is a point-and-click-styled outing with considerable technological advancements, and is described by its maker as 'Monkey Island meets Dracula.' It's a humorous, supernatural adventure that pays homage to the old Universal monster movies of the 1930s and 1940s. Gamers control an unwilling opera singer turned vampire, as she bids to seek eternal peace (as well as making a starring role in a Parisian show) ... Gameplay will be controlled through a 'coin interface' similar to Curse Of Monkey Island, which is expandable like the one featured in BioWare's PC RPG Neverwinter Nights."

And third, there's Pileated Pictures. What are they working on? Again, we haven't got a clue! We do know, however, that a decent group of ex-DOTT team members are on board with Pileated's game brainstorm team.

So, that totally rules. We'll keep you updated on all three of these groups in the coming months, and for now we simply wish them the best of luck.
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Top secret area!

22 Jun, 2004, 18:31 | Posted by: Jake | Comments: 0
You have found the hidden message.
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Play Psychonauts for free... again!

16 Jun, 2004, 13:11 | Posted by: Jake | Comments: 3
The Double Fine Action News brings word that Tim Schafer and the Psychonauts team are once again looking for some people just like you to come in for a day or two and help them test Psychonauts.

Those of you who missed out last time, now's your chance. I wholeheartedly recommend JetBlue for great rates for flights to San Francisco from the east coast, and though I don't do it ever, I suspect Spaff would put in a good word for both the good rates and service of Virgin Atlantic for those of you who will be flying in from overseas.

For more info take a look at the action news, or to volunteer right away, email them at the job hotline.
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After knocking out the occasional Harry Potter LEGO computer game, it appears that the Star Wars LEGO franchise is finally in for similar treatment.

Discussion on the From Bricks to Bothans Forums. has revealed that a Star Wars game is in the works "Erlebe, wie Anakin Skywalker zur Dunklen Seite der Macht wechselt. Ab Sommer 2005.", and indeed "Opplev hele historien om Anakin Skywalkers fall til Den m?rke siden. Kommer sommeren 2005."

So, hooray! Except if you don't like gaming. Or Star Wars. Or LEGO.

Or if you own a GameCube.
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Double Fine still alive

04 Jun, 2004, 15:37 | Posted by: Jake | Comments: 0
Surely you didn't have any doubts, but just in case you did (you didn't), Double Fine Action News has been updated with a bunch of new comics, and a very important Psychonauts status report. Take a look.
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