Play Psychonauts for free... again! 16 Jun, 2004, 13:11 / 3 comments

The Double Fine Action News brings word that Tim Schafer and the Psychonauts team are once again looking for some people just like you to come in for a day or two and help them test Psychonauts.

Those of you who missed out last time, now's your chance. I wholeheartedly recommend JetBlue for great rates for flights to San Francisco from the east coast, and though I don't do it ever, I suspect Spaff would put in a good word for both the good rates and service of Virgin Atlantic for those of you who will be flying in from overseas.

For more info take a look at the action news, or to volunteer right away, email them at the job hotline.


  • csenosiain on 17 Jun, 2004, 16:05…
    once again, I am 2(0000) bucks short from buying a plane ticket
    *begins begging*
  • LucasTones on 16 Jun, 2004, 18:05…
    Beware - there were reports that the Psychonauts testers were plagued by mysterious phonecalls during testing.
  • Jake on 16 Jun, 2004, 19:56…
    Some drunken Brit... kept calling me... 'Its Dan! You know!' No clue what that was about.