After attending the LucasArts Press Day last Friday, we noticed that Full Throttle: Hell on Wheels had been taken off the schedule to be shown that day. After asking Tom Sarris, we were told that the game had missed its milestones and will be delayed six months. Of course, until there is some kind of official announcement or something, you might want to wait before throwing a fit.

Keep an eye out on this site around the weekend to read about our experiences at the Press Day. Also, who knows? Maybe we'll have some server news? *cough*

IGN has put up a hands-on preview for Armed and Dangerous, featuring videos! Now you can see for yourself how truly hilarious this game is. While you're at it, check out the game's new (and much less sucky) logo on its site.

Also, Mixnmojo will be attending a Press Day held by LucasArts this Friday to look at their upcoming games, so more on that later.

A snippet from my local newspaper:
A mentally ill man who told a terrified dominatrix he was a Jedi Knight sent to kill her has been cleared by a jury on the grounds of insanity.

Steven Pollard, 28, wearing a blanket around his shoulders like a cape and brandishing a 2ft scaffold pole like characters in Star Wars films use a lightsabre, tried to break into Roma Brooks home in Brighton in the early hours of the morning. [snip..]

During the hearing the jury heard how Pollard of no fixed address, became obsessed with Brooks who was working as a professional Dominatrix. When he called at her flat in Kemp town at 3:30am on April 18, 2002 he told her, "I have come to kill you. I am a man of peace. I am a Jedi. God has told me to avenge the world."
I love my town.

late and still working
will mojo come back to us?
where is the hard drive?

Well... nothing seems to be happening here then... maybe i'll start planting easter eggs arounbd this limited site of ours.. hmmmmmm... Hang in there folks! Mojo will, at some point perhaps return.

Those of you anticipating Knights of the Old Republic should be pleased to know that the XBox version has gone gold and will be available in stores July 16th, at least in the United States and Canada. Thanks to the Adventure Gamers forums for the tip.

Unrelated Monkey Island 2 Fun: If you're interested in getting a peek into what looks like the early development of Monkey Island 2, you should check out this thread in the Mojo Forums. All you'll need is the latest ScummVM and a copy of the original Monkey 2 non-playable demo, which is available in that thread.

(Legend of MI has put up a page with screenshots and info about the recent MI2 demo discoveries for those interested.)

Our hard drive is still off somewhere in mystery town. No, we're not worried. No, we don't know when it will come back. No, we don't think any of the files are erased. No, we're not going to close or anything. We're just experiencing a momentary apathy lapse. Let's wallow.


Okay, so now that we're over that: Comic-Con! LucasArts will have a booth and be showing off their latest Star Wars games at this years gigantic San Diego nerd-fest (starting Thursday July 17th and running through the weekend). In addition to showing off Galaxies and the like at their booth, members of their development teams will be speaking at various
panels throughout the con.

On the list of speakers is Sam & Max 2 designer Mike Stemmle, who is speaking in a panel called "Pencils vs. Polygons." Hopefully we'll hear his thoughts on that, and, erm well also some juicy tidbits about the new game. In addition to all that stuff, LucasArts' Internet Community Relations Person Lady, Ronda Scott, will apparently be publishing some sort of weblog during the con, possibly against her will. Check out the LAALFLC Comic-Con page for more info.

Er wait. Really, screw Comic-Con. What you really want to do is post on the Mixnmojo Forums a lot.