Jedi Knight Judged to be Insane 12 Jul, 2003, 00:45 / 0 comments

A snippet from my local newspaper:
A mentally ill man who told a terrified dominatrix he was a Jedi Knight sent to kill her has been cleared by a jury on the grounds of insanity.

Steven Pollard, 28, wearing a blanket around his shoulders like a cape and brandishing a 2ft scaffold pole like characters in Star Wars films use a lightsabre, tried to break into Roma Brooks home in Brighton in the early hours of the morning. [snip..]

During the hearing the jury heard how Pollard of no fixed address, became obsessed with Brooks who was working as a professional Dominatrix. When he called at her flat in Kemp town at 3:30am on April 18, 2002 he told her, "I have come to kill you. I am a man of peace. I am a Jedi. God has told me to avenge the world."
I love my town.