For once, we’re not (too) late on some old news. We might even have reported on it back in the day, who knows? (I’m too lazy to check.) Anyway!

A Retro Gamer article on the making of Sam & Max Hit the Road is up on PC Gamer for your reading enjoyment. You might not learn a whole lot from it, but entertaining it is, anyway.

Source: PC Gamer


Not satisfied with taking home a GDC Lifetime Achievement Award, Schafer will be the recipient of the "BAFTA Fellowship Award". Only a handful of game-industry personalities have been honored with the award, which usually is reserved for those in the movie business, over the last 37 years. Hitchcock was the inaugural recipient, so those are the circles Tim is rolling in these days.

We’d congratulate him, but honestly, this is such an everyday occurrence for him now, that it’s just another day on the job.


We have a good reputation of being "hep and with it" here at Mojo, and therefore we’re all about the vinyl. Just like the kids. Therefore I’m sure you, the discerning reader, as us, will be over the Thimbleweed Park double-LP, which you can purchase right now. I mean, right now!

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... but I suspect people only say so because they’re both about pirates. Or possibly because its open world like with chances to customize stuff. Or something. Despite looking like a pure action game I deemed it news-worthy, although I’d never even heard about the game before, so give me a break.

For those who know Sea of Thieves, and have given it a go on the PC and/or the Xbox, sound off in the comments which I suspect will be suitably quiet.

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