The musical cover-up continues with Stan's theme 12 Sep, 2019 / 14 comments

After the controversy surrounding the SCUMM Bar theme, an anonymous source going simply by Bozeke has pointed us to Burt Ives’s "Go Tell Aunt Rhody," a 1956 1752 ditty which sounds eerily familiar . . .

I do believe Stan’s theme appeared first in LeChuck’s Revenge. Follow the notes, and we undoubtedly will find the elusive Secret of Monkey Island.

(And yes, this is pretty much all we have to post about these days.)


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    Junaid on 20 Sep, 2019, 11:53…
    Can I add the Dutch song 'Daar wordt aan de deur geklopt" to the list? The Gambler's Club really sounds like that
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    Rapp Scallion on 18 Sep, 2019, 21:24…
    Stan's theme is basically an elaborated medley of different church music. The Aunt Rhody melody is one of the most well known hymn melodies in my country, and I'm sure that's not a coincidence when it's mixed up with Chopin's Funeral March and a twist on Wagner's Wedding Chorus.
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    ThunderPeel2001 on 14 Sep, 2019, 15:07…

    Scott S

    From 1752 apparently

    Very Appropriate for the game!
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    ThunderPeel2001 on 14 Sep, 2019, 15:06…
    Never a huge fan of Stan’s Theme, but it was better than the hideous one they added in the CD version of the game:'s%20Previously%20Used%20Ships.mp3

    Still, I imagine this was probably meant as an intentional reference that the player was supposed to get, and not some big secret.

    Keep these fascinating updates coming!
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    Scott S on 13 Sep, 2019, 06:21…

    From 1752 apparently
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    Scummbuddy on 13 Sep, 2019, 00:23…
    Next thing y'all are going to tell me is that there is some sort of Secret of Melee Island or something.

    (But I appreciate the music talk)
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    Rum_Rogers on 12 Sep, 2019, 20:14…
    Enough, guys! There are things better left unknown.
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    Jason on 12 Sep, 2019, 18:44…
    Go Tell Aunt Rhody is a well-known children's folk song that goes back way farther than the 50s. I remember it being in our music book in elementary school -- or am I one in having to take that class where you play those ear-blistering plastic recorders?

    When I first played LeChuck's Revenge I recognized the tune immediately. And I think the player is supposed to recognize the tune as well -- I assumed, anyway, that the selection of that song was a wry comment on Stan's new business, given the refrain "the old gray goose is dead."
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    elTee on 12 Sep, 2019, 18:38…
    Can everybody just stop fucking around with everything I think I know about Monkey Island please?
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    Jason on 12 Sep, 2019, 18:33…
    Surely this was meant for Behind Mojo.
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    Remi on 12 Sep, 2019, 18:27…


    Still, we should probably have a word with Michael Land. I'd be curious to know what he makes of all this.

    If I remember correctly -- and I probably don't -- most of the Booty stuff was done by Bajakian.
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    valkian on 12 Sep, 2019, 18:24…
    I agree with Javier here, even the melody is something that has probably been heard plenty of times in extremely similar iterations. Stan's theme always sounded familiar to me (and I i've never heard this song before).

    Still, we should probably have a word with Michael Land. I'd be curious to know what he makes of all this.
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    Bozeke on 12 Sep, 2019, 17:30…
    It's exactly the same melody though.
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    Javier Tolstoi on 12 Sep, 2019, 17:19…
    Well, this one might be a concidence. This is the most basic chord progression of european/english folk. And Stan's Theme is much more fucked-up than this by some creepy modulations and everything.
    What's similar and relatively unusual is the shift from d minor to the respective D major key and the other way round, but that's the case for Stan's theme because it is referring to the Funeral March by Frederic Chopin.

    All in all, I think it's probably a coincidence, and we could probably find tons of other folk/children's songs that are similarly similar.

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