The Many ICYMIs of Return to Monkey Island 30 May, 2024 / 3 comments

I wouldn’t blame you for not believing this, but sometimes, not often, but now and again, we actually do some work on future sections of this site. Case in point is the elusive MojoDB, which… may become a thing at some point.

Unattainable deadlines aside, having added quite a bit of trivia to the prototype, it increasingly occurred to me that many are unaware of the breadth of details found in Return to Monkey Island. Long story short, instead of putting more work into the database, I ended up writing an article called “ICYMI: Return to Monkey Island.” Actually, “article” might be overselling it. “Listicle” might be a more apt description. But, no matter! Give it a perusal to learn about the hidden Pineapple Man, dangling electrical plugs, the Scumm Bar cook’s extensive rebuilding plans, and more.

If nothing else, it might spur you into replaying the game—or just browse The SCUMM Bar’s ReMI database. Either way, go read “ICYMI: Return to Monkey Island.” It’s basically scholarly material.



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    Remi on 06 Jun, 2024, 22:57…


    (I've put it into the forum, so that I can use the spoiler tag.)

    Good find! I’ve added the video to the forum thread.
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    LGH on 06 Jun, 2024, 05:17…
    Thanks for the great job of listing and illustration all of these!

    I've also discovered quite a funny joke on YouTube that most people probably won't know, because they've only played hard mode. Unfortunately, I don't find the video anymore, but here's a description:
    (I've put it into the forum, so that I can use the spoiler tag.)
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    Sushi on 05 Jun, 2024, 06:19…
    Having finished the game only once, I still want to play the writers cut and discover these things myself first.
    So I will return to read this in a year or 10 (or 30 given my current replay rate)

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