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Reader vastcool has just informed us of his Lucasarts Adventurer blog over here where he's putting up scans of The Adventurer, the magazine which was included with North American releases of LucasArts games in the 1990s. So far he's posted issues 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 10, and 12.


Source: Lucasarts Adventurer blog



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    whipwarrior on 21 Sep, 2011, 13:53…
    Do you have Issue #3 (Fall 1991 edition) about Fate of Atlantis? I've been looking forward to reading that issue for years! :-)

    EDIT: 9/28—Thanks a million! :-)
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    Jennifer on 14 Sep, 2011, 08:01…
    There is no 13. LucasArts skipped it because 13 is considered unlucky. 14 is the last issue of the Adventurer.
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    Scummbuddy on 14 Sep, 2011, 03:57…
    I'm a liar; more comments.

    I'd and at least they also have web-versioned copies of 9, 10, 11, 12, 14. None earlier, and no 13, and no more after 14(?). Fantastic track record. Around the time of Grim Fandango being noted, "The Adventurer" link changed to "Adventurer Archives" which took you to a link that may have been flash, or had some intro page that wasn't copied on

    Around Feb-May of 1999 they just dropped the Adventurer Archives off the site.
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    Scummbuddy on 14 Sep, 2011, 03:16…
    Last comment for now, as I don't know if my comment will post on his site, on Adventurer 8, he is missing page 14. Maybe it was overlooked.
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    Scummbuddy on 14 Sep, 2011, 03:15…
    Oh, and I found in my scans Winter 95, Adventurer 11.
    Nice thing about this one is that it wasn't newspaper size, so it's basically ready to upload.
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    Scummbuddy on 14 Sep, 2011, 03:13…
    Looking through my scans, I see that I have Adventurer 6. Unfortunately, I didn't have a proper sized scanner at the time, so each newspaper page is split and would need to be fit together, and I don't know if I have the time to bother. I could just rescan it and it would likely be a huge save in time.
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    Scummbuddy on 14 Sep, 2011, 03:10…
    Each Adventurer deserves its own retrospective article. Things to cover could be "Can you believe they put articles on adventure games before Star Wars games?" and so on.
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    Melancholick on 13 Sep, 2011, 17:51…
    Oh, it was a rapturous day in the Cholick household whenever one of these babies would manifest itself in our mailbox.

    Good times, good times. Thanks for passing this one on, and BIG ups to the original scan-ster.
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    Ascovel on 13 Sep, 2011, 16:29…
    And Ron Gilbert reveals the secret of Monkey Island in issue 4!
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    Call me Squinky on 13 Sep, 2011, 14:59…
    The interview with Tim Schafer in issue 10 is pretty awesome, check it out.
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    Logic on 13 Sep, 2011, 11:33…
    wowzers. I had completely forgotten that I really wanted to check these out. Cheers, vastcool.
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    Ascovel on 13 Sep, 2011, 10:41…
    These scans are what I've been waiting for... most of my life!

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