Ron and Noah photograph stuff from their closet, we die happy 01 Oct, 2020 / 2 comments

Now that the forums are back up, it’s time to loot them for news items. What did you guys think we restored that junkyard for? Thanks to Nacho for falling for the scheme and doing the legwork for us.

The first item comes from Noah Falstein’s Facebook, where he posted some Terryl Whitlatch concept art from his version of The Dig. Artwork from that version of the game remains relatively rare, so it’s always an event when a new piece turns up:

Falstein also came across an old design document for a never-made Ron game called The TimeFly. A photograph of the game proposal has been posted to Grumpy Gamer, and you can check it out below. Ron estimates it falls somewhere between Maniac Mansion and The Secret of Monkey Island in the timeline:


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    AstronautDown on 02 Oct, 2020, 16:56…
    They used such a riddle in EMI in the Mystes o'Tyme :)
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    Rum Rogers on 01 Oct, 2020, 22:40…
    The TimeFly is pure genius.

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