Removed Monkey Island 2 Scene Shocks, Delights 02 Aug, 2023 / 4 comments

As some of you already know, we made a startling discovery last week: By all accounts, Stan and Elaine had a serious thing going in The Secret of Monkey Island before—or until?—Guybrush showed up.


To further dive into this fundamental plot twist, we sent our software architect department into the depths of the two first games and their discovery... Well, let’s just say that Return now is fully and wholly explained.

Make your own conclusions from rock-solid proof that never was run and edited through multiple pieces of software.



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    MichaelSon on 04 Aug, 2023, 15:36…
    Now I really want an extended MI and MI2 edition with ALL the extra rooms and graphix.

    No, I DEMAND IT!

    DP ITT!!!!
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    Rum Rogers on 02 Aug, 2023, 22:31…
    That's what having access to the SCUMM and MI2 source code will do to you. Nice.
  • Avatar of the CEO
    Thrik on 02 Aug, 2023, 18:38…
    Jesus. It explains everything.
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    AlfredJ on 02 Aug, 2023, 17:37…
    I knew it!

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