Mojo reviews Return to Monkey Island 19 Sep, 2022 / 7 comments

It’s been an excruciating wait, but finally, it has arrived, Return to Monkey Island. And, of course, we’ve put together a timely review, courtesy of one Jason.

To address the question many might have: There is a very small amount of spoilers in the review, but nothing that will ruin any real surprises. We’ve even put together a feature that blacks out all the screenshots. To re-enable them, just tap the toggle on top of the page or click the individual blurred-out images. (These do feature some minor spoilers.) And if you just want the conclusion, zero spoilers:

Return to Monkey Island is a gorgeous, vibrant, hilarious, endearing adventure that manages to live up to its pedigree (already a stratospheric standard before you account for the whole return-of-the-messiah business) and deliver a certain closure to three decades of frustrated innuendo -- but not too tidily, of course.

What else is there to say? Godspeed, everyone—take your time and enjoy the game. But only after reading our review.



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    popularsoup on 19 Sep, 2023, 17:56…
    I'm sorry, I just don't understand how this game could receive such high praise. I'm not sure we've been playing the same game. A year later, and another playthrough, and I couldn't disagree with you more. It feels like a charmless, empty vehicle for Ron's obsession with subversive storytelling, where the story is, once again, that the player themselves has been played.
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    Carlius on 03 Oct, 2022, 20:19…
    I agree, well captured!


    Good review, Jason! Nicely written.

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    Lord-john on 02 Oct, 2022, 08:40…
    After finally having finished the game, savouring every moment of playtime and spreading it out over 2 weeks, it was about time to read this review.

    What a well written piece!

    I've been a visitor to this site for such a long time, having the same shared experiences as Melancholik. Been angry about Sam and Max cancellation, mildy annoyed about MI4, ecstatic when the Special editions came out, and to top it Tales at the same time.

    It now feels like long drawn out roller coaster, but I think the saga has closure.

    Time to start from the beginning
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    madmardi on 24 Sep, 2022, 14:34…
    "Ron Gilbert can finally take his place among the frauds who betrayed the vision of Ron Gilbert."

    Pure gold - that cracked me up!
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    Remi on 21 Sep, 2022, 18:55…


    but also taking solace in that closure and the fact that MNM will still be here, even after the end credits roll.

    Glad to report we already have a bunch of ReMI content -- and MORE -- in the pipeline!
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    Melancholick on 21 Sep, 2022, 18:01…
    Admittedly, I'm still processing this whole thing. Silly as that may seem.

    I believe I've been on this site as long as I've been a poster at Grumpy Gamer, which has to be at least twenty years on, at this point. It's been the one conduit that I've had to LucasArts and Lucasfilm through ups, downs, slow deaths, end of eras, shift from hope to nostalgia and back again, and the cancellation of what feels like at least 397 games.

    So it's weird. Playing a Ronbert MI title in 2022 that's beautiful and slightly bittersweet, while also looking as forward to reading this review as I am completing the game. Also knowing that this is probably the official end for Guybrush as far as the founding fathers' grand design goes, but also taking solace in that closure and the fact that MNM will still be here, even after the end credits roll.
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    Kroms on 20 Sep, 2022, 19:00…
    Good review, Jason! Nicely written.

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