Mojo Video of the Week 31 Jul, 2011 / 7 comments

Like any video is ever going to top this one.



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    ThunderPeel2001 on 03 Aug, 2011, 13:28…


    Carla Green = The Sword Master?

    Indeed! That's her! The Sword Master in real life. Anyone know who modelled for Elaine?
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    Jason on 02 Aug, 2011, 22:06…
    Too bad we never got to see Super Fluffy Bunny.
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    Zaarin on 02 Aug, 2011, 09:47…
    It has been resurrected!
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    Jake on 01 Aug, 2011, 16:26…
    This video is so amazing it has broken, rendering itself unplayable to shield us from its might.
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    crixxx on 01 Aug, 2011, 00:25…
    Carla Green = The Sword Master?
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    Scummbuddy on 31 Jul, 2011, 20:59…
    I also like the story about how it was mostly the developers in charge. I believe it was Ron who once spoke of it as... "One day, we were sitting around the office and thought, let's make a pirate game, starting today." They didn't have to go get it vetted, or even put together a prototype. They just did it.

    Granted, the outcome was best-case scenario, and to not insist on well-developed storylines and/or techdemos is unheard of these days, but man, that's awesome.
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    Melancholick on 31 Jul, 2011, 18:04…
    The ultimate irony being that these days, mid-tier developers often have a few million dollars annually budgeted towards "team-building" activities and aesthetic improvements like theme rooms and in-studio gyms... all for the sake of keeping employees from burning out or acknowledging just how FUBAR a production cycle can be.

    Then you watch these things, or see pictures of the entire studio staff packing up Monkey Island boxes for shipping, and realize that LF probably not only mastered the "game-building workplace community vibe" twenty-five years ago, but also did it without spending a fortune or having to fudge the process.

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